Btighton Etsy Christmas Market – The Photos are in!

A big thank you to all of you who took part in our Christmas market last week at Brighton Open Market, and of course the thousands of lovely customers who visited.

With thanks to LOMOKEV for the wonderful photos which are now in! You can view the full album on facebook here, and a selection below.

The Brighton Etsy team wishes you a very Merry Christmas and we look forward to seeing lots of you in the new year. Don’t forget you can also join us for our last #btnetsyhour this Tuesday on Twitter at 8pm. We’ll be looking back at your achievements of 2015 and new year goals!

12342632_970427026362734_6909389797093892894_n 12390964_970430549695715_2942022824329239532_n 12347844_970430509695719_4966488487554636589_n 12390824_970430393029064_2204671053621704853_n 12347776_970427586362678_8304951654122848055_n 12391459_970427479696022_3550909355043423158_n 12348107_970427329696037_2557088696518927546_n



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