Necklace by Rock Cakes
Necklace by Rock Cakes

We are a friendly, supportive, location based team of 1,000+ Etsy sellers based in Brighton and East Sussex.

The Brighton Sellers’ Team is unique in the UK in that we hold regular meet ups, in Brighton, both morning and evening, to accommodate as many people as possible.

Our team hashtag is #btnetsy, please use this on Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and your blog. Use #btnetsy when posting about the team or your own shop. Etsy keep an eye on this tag to see what we are doing so use it as much as possible! Use #btnetsy and you will be retweeted on twitter by @BrightonEtsy. Also join us for #btnetsyhour every Tuesday from 8pm to chat!

Our Goals

To share and exchange information to help team members improve their Etsy shops and increase sales.

To share other related information such as art exhibitions, business talks, suppliers, crafty events and articles of interest.

The aim of our meet ups is to get to know your team mates in person, an invaluable experience for networking, information exchange and support. Our goal is to have a mixture of agenda based and social meets.

A longer term goal is to organise educational or selling events with Team Members.

Want to know more? Find out how you can get in touch, contribute and keep upto date with the latest events on the ‘Say Hi’ page.


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