EML Christmas Market FAQ’s

Where and when do I apply?

Applications are now closed (they closed on 11th September 2018). We cannot accept or amend any applications now.

When will we hear if we are successful or not?

We will let you know within a few weeks of application if you are successful – by 26th September (please note a slightly later date than originally announced due to the volume of applications and the leaders all being volunteers).

Do I have to live in Brighton to take part?

No, you can live within the surrounding areas, but you must be a team member. As long as you turn up on the day – we’re more than happy with that.

Do I have to be part of the Brighton Etsy Team?

Yes! The minimum you need to do is go to the forum [https://www.etsy.com/uk/teams/7247/brighton-sellers-team] and click “Join Team”. However as this is a team market, the bigger part of the team you are, the more favourably your application will be looked upon.

If I don’t get into the market can I have feedback as to why?

Due to a large amount of applications each year we are unable to give individual feedback as to why you may not have been successful, however please don’t be put off applying again next year. We only have 66 spaces therefore had to be very selective over who was successful per category.
Things you can to to improve your chance of attending next years market are:
– Be an active team member – attend our meet ups when you can, join the discussion in the forum, take part in #btnetsyhour.
– Have a full shop (especially at the time we are reviewing applications). Make sure you have featured products set that show your best pieces, and a good selection. Have a strong shop cover photo.
– Be active on social media, join in on our #btnetsy Instagram hashtag projects.
– Be sure to have filled in the form correctly, and double check your shop URL, social links and email before submitting.
Do be sure to pop along to the market on the 1st of December and take a look at our stall holders for inspiration of stall set ups on the day.
I have been allocated a Zone at the market, how do I find out where that is?
Here is a floor plan of the market on the day, where you can see the zones colour coded.

Do I get a chair? Can I have more than one chair for my mum, dad, brother, sister, partner, elf?

Yes, each table will have one chair at it when you arrive. If you need more than one chair, please ask one of the team leaders (who will be directing you to your table).

I don’t want a table, can I bring my own?

Yes! After applications have closed and participants have been emailed, we will ask if you require a table. We will only need to know if you DO NOT need a table.

I want to share with my mate… how do I tell you?

There’s a box on the application form, if you don’t fill it in, we can’t pair you up.

Is it in the same place as last year? Or the year before?

Yes, as 2017 we are in the Foyer/ Bar area of Brighton Dome/ Corn Exchange (as per the floor plan).

The year before (2016) we were in the Corn Exchange hall but is currently being renovated. .

I don’t know where to get Public Liability Insurance?

One of the cheapest options would be to take out a membership with AN Artists, as one of the perks in insurance: https://www.a-n.co.uk/about/insurance

I don’t know where to get my plug in electricals PAT tested.

Edward and Hope on New Road, Brighton will be able to provide PAT testing for you for a small fee.

I want to sell food and drink, who do I contact?

Unfortunately there will be a cafe on the day which means that we can’t have any food stalls. If you sell food that is wrapped as a gift e.g. chocolate, fudge, sweets etc. this is allowed.

I run a vintage or craft supplies business, can I still apply?

Vintage, supplies and craft shops are welcome to apply to the market, however we will favour products targeted at the “gift” market.

How do I keep up with the latest goings on and announcements?

As well as this blog which you can follow you can also find us on:

instagram | www.instagram.com/brightonetsy
twitter | www.twitter.com/brightonetsy
facebook | www.facebook.com/brightonetsyteam

The forum: https://www.etsy.com/uk/teams/7247/brighton-sellers-team