Captains’ Summit Paris

Hey guys, this is one of those better late than never posts, just before we do our round up of what a blooming marvellous year the Brighton Etsy Team has had.

If you don’t know what a Captains’ Summit is by now you can go back and read one of these blog posts, as this is my ninth summit!?


Having been to a quite a few of these events now I have Captain friends all over the world and I was so excited to meet up with some of my faves from across Europe. These folks are my team hive mind, as they are running very similar operations all around the world.

I met with Rachel (Dorset Team) and Becky (Nottingham Team) who are both previous Brighton Etsy members (!) to get the Eurostar to Paris. Becky is not only Queen of Frocks but also Queen of knowing where to go so she led us to our exclusive Etsy only hotel.


We were greeted with Etsy goody bags, the weekends schedule a big comfy bed and a mug, which we used to drink copius amounts of wine from!


Friday night is always a night off to meet up and have a chat so we went to grab some food at veggie restaurant around the corner that also had vegan and gluten free options, this is no mean feat in Paris, and it was delish.

Saturday we arrived at the Bastille Design Centre, by Tuk Tuk, where we quickly settled into our introduction with Fanny, who was leading the summit (she had THE BEST outfits ever!)

Saturday was a long day of policy, advocacy, VAT and team design. It was pretty heavy stuff, and as it was being filmed to be broadcast out live (I think there was a few hiccups with sound which meant this wasn’t possible however) it meant sitting still all. day. long.


Saturday evening we were taken in a coach into central Paris, we had no idea where we were heading to until we arrived at a boat which took us along the Siene and under the Eiffle Tower! It was magic!


Sunday was filled with workshops, I was part of a session where you could ask another captain anything, one on planning and breaking down tasks, and a final one on researching how team members engage within a team and how this should affect the way we respond to newbies and more experienced members.

It was a great time to reflect on the team, and store strategies ready for exactly this time of year when the team gets a bit of a shake up, with new goals, leader movement, more defined roles and we plan for the year ahead.

We hopped back on the Eurostar and my brain exploded from the amount of information I had taken in over the weekend, most of this info has been fed back to you guys in our monthly meet ups and via the forum but if you have any questions hit me up in the comments below!

Karli x

UK Etsy Captains’ Summit 2016

Hey, Karli here!

A couple of weekends ago both myself and Judite from Juream Box, who is one of the Brighton Etsy Team Leaders were invited to the third UK Captains Summit.


For those of you that have been reading the blog for a while you’ll know that this is my eighth summit, but for Judite is was her very first.

So the summit is a conference for Etsy Captains and Leaders from all over the UK to meet up and discuss their ideas and plans for the coming year. We all travelled to Cambridge and the Summit was held in the Moller Centre, part of the University – It was a beautiful brutalist building!


As we have been going to these summits with the team for a while now it was great to catch up with old friends, the Glasgow Etsy Team, Birmingham IDEAS, Nottingham Etsy Team, The Portsmouth and Southsea Consortium and the Merseyside Etsy Team as well as meet lots of new captains and leaders with brand new teams.

One of the main focuses of the meeting was this year’s Etsy Made Local event, you may have seen or hopefully attended our Etsy Made Local Market last year, and you’ll be pleased to hear that we are running the event in Brighton again this year as part of Etsy’s National campaign on the 3-4 December. [Please do not message us about applications or details until September when applications will open, as we’ll be doing out best to make sure all the details get to you as and when they are finalised. We know you’re excited, we are too!]


The weekend is divided up into talks, break out sessions, cake eating, and this year there was an icebreaker that I got so excited about, I ran into a table. OUCH.

Judite said that the Captains’ Summit was a brilliant opportunity to meet other teams from across the country, and meet new friends that otherwise you would only know via social media. Lets not forget getting to know the Etsy UK admin team too! Overall the weekend was a great experience to bring big ideas to life, and make new connections. If you get a chance, I’d recommended to go!


So there you have it, any questions let us know!

Karli  and Judite x

Amsterdam Etsy Summit


Karli here again! You may have seen that last weekend I was at yet another summit! This summit was where it all started, 18 months ago I was invited to the very first European Captains Summit in Berlin and this whirlwind journey of summit attending and speech giving began!

m_2015-10-12 etsy summit amsterdam 1 (9)

This year 44 captains from 26 countries all met up in Amsterdam.

I was really excited as I was able to meet with awesome captains I’d met previously as well as meet many many more!

m_2015-10-12 etsy summit amsterdam 426

Every time I go to one of these events I always get shop envy of the other captains so to curb that feeling this time I decided to organise a little swap shop, everybody brought a wrapped item from their shop, they all went into a big box and then it was a free for all!

m_2015-10-12 etsy summit amsterdam 1 (17)

Normally at summits there is a mix of presentations from captains and admin followed by breakout sessions , but this time round Etsy tried something new, an open agenda which we created ourselves!

m_2015-10-12 etsy summit amsterdam 418

It all went very smoothly and everybody was able to discuss the burning questions they had about their own teams.

m_2015-10-12 etsy summit amsterdam 372

 Oh and there was still lots of cake!

Another new thing about the summit was that most of Etsy’s and senior team were there, including CEO Chad Dickerson, and Heather Jassy (SVP of Members and community). I hope that they learnt as much from us, and our feedback as we did from themand their insights into the very different business that Etsy is!

m_2015-10-12 etsy summit amsterdam 381

I asked on twitter before the summit if anybody had any questions and these are the responses I got to those questions.

When will the Etsy Card Reader be available in the UK?

Will EtsyUK be connecting with Royal Mail like you can with ebay for quicker shipping?

Right now, we are in the 2016 planning mode, when everything will be finalised, I will make sure to update you on any news we got on these topics.”

– Francesca Ormezzano 

International Community Programs

 m_2015-10-12 etsy summit amsterdam 554

If you want to find out more I’ll be posting on the designosaur blog too, see you at the next meet up!

Team Captain

Photo Credit | Silja Erg

Brighton Etsy at the Australian summit

Hey guys, Karli here!

If you follow Brighton Etsy or designosaur on instagram you may have seen that a couple of weekends ago I was in Australia!

2015-08-08 08.58.48

Why you ask? Well, I was invited to chat about how I run the Brighton Etsy Team alongside my crew of awesome leaders.

2015-08-08 09.04.24

You may or may not know that I recently got the ‘Team Captain of 2015 Award’, and I’m really excited to push the Brighton Etsy team as a huge collective where we get involved with pretty much everything! From markets to talks, meet ups to pop ups!

2015-08-08 09.05.41

We all learn from our mistakes and it was great to chat about last years Pop Ups shops so that we could learn from each others experiences this time round for Etsy Made Local. (applicants will be informed whether they have a stall or not on the 31st August)

2015-08-08 09.52.32

It was a totally awesome weekend where I learnt so so much. There are some really established teams in Australia, and some of them are part of the original “street team” times having been around for eight years or so!

2015-08-09 11.19.18

I learnt a huge amount about leadership from Helen, the MD of Etsy in Australasia who is beyond inspiring and also Cyan the co-founder of Envato. I think I’ll be doing another post on these wonderful beings soon!

2015-08-09 12.50.41-1

I am really excited to take the things that I learnt and share them with you, the Brighton Etsy Team members so that we can have an even more awesome team! Come along to the next meeting to find out more!


PS If you’re really interested you can find out more on the EtsyAu Blog, right here!

2015-08-09 13.03.52-1

UK Etsy Captain’s Summit 2015

Hello! It’s team leader Toby (I like CATS) here!

Last weekend the fair city of Bristol hosted the UK Etsy Captain’s Summit 2015 and I was lucky enough to attend along with Captain Karli (designosaur) along with lots of other captains from all over the UK (and beyond!).


It was a very full and informative weekend and it was great to see so many different people from teams across the country, and seeing and hearing all of the great things they do with their teams. It was also great to see so many Etsy admin – from the UK and across the world – and to get some insight into Etsy’s plans for the year ahead.


After an ice-breaker scavenger hunt that had us all running around the SS. Great Britain (the amazing venue for the summit), the first day started with a few of the captains looking back at what they did with their teams last year. Karli and I were asked to do a short presentation about the Christmas Brighton Etsy Team pop-up shop, and it was really interesting to hear all the good things and bad things the other team’s faced on their projects, especially when comparing them to ours.


The weekend was full of brilliant tips and useful information that I know we are going to implement into the Brighton Etsy Team. There’s big things coming to look forward to in the team, including the Craft Party in June (and it’s going to be the biggest and best yet!) and Etsy Made Local, a market event in December. Make sure you come along to team meet-ups and events to find out more, and always keep your eyes on the forum, Facebook page and Twitter.

Another highlight of the weekend was our team captain Karli winning the UK Captain’s award! I think it was very well deserved, we really couldn’t do so much with the Brighton team without her.


If anyone has any questions about the summit, feel free to leave a comment!

Thank you to Nafsika from Etsy Greek Street Team for the pictures!

Etsy European Captains’ Summit

Today we catch up with our team Captain Karli about her exciting experience at the European Captains’ Summit…

I recently went to the Etsy European’s Captains’ Summit which was held in the beautiful city of Berlin.

Everybody needed to blog about this event which meant we were all trying to take photos of everything!
[Everybody needed to blog about this event which meant we were all trying to take photos of everything! ]

For those of you who don’t know, I am the Captain of the Brighton Sellers’ Team on Etsy. We are Etsy sellers with our shop designosaur, and Etsy has a very strong community of sellers who work together to support each other via cross marketing/promotion, hints and tips on how to get the most of your Etsy shop and generally being there to have pint with when it all gets too much.I know that those of you who follow our designosaur instagram know that this was back in March but I have been truly terrible about writing down all my adventures recently as I have constantly been off here there and everywhere!

I am very lucky that I have an extremely active team with six awesome leaders. I was picked to be one of thirty European Captains at the summit and this is what went down.

Day 1

I had previously met a few of the ladies (yes every single captain there was female) at a meal organised between us the evening before, so as I sprinted up the four flights of stairs, obviously I was late – I don’t do mornings, I then looked to see who I recognised in the room when I arrived.

2014-03-15 11.24.08
[Day one, how to keep the team engaged!]

The first person I recognised was Susannah who is the UK Etsy Admin and has worked with our team and visited us before. I went over to say hello and then realised that she was with all the other admin that would be there for the weekend.

It wasn’t long until we were called to sit down in front of the projector to watch a VT of Chad the CEO of Etsy welcoming us to the Summit, we then tucked into an amazing continental breakfast before settling down into the nitty gritty.

Obviously any event where you don’t know each other needs an ice breaker. We had all been given a craft supply so that we could be randomly grouped but I did panic a little that they were going to make me sew as our item was a sewing pattern! There were four other Captains in my group and we had to find 10 things we had in common.We started to realise that we had very little in common and ended up saying things such as “We all have less than 7 leaders in our team” and ” We have all made jewellery at some point in our handmade career”. However we did pass the awkward silence test and then moved onto the serious business. It gave us something to laugh about when we shared our 10 things in common as one of the groups said that they preferred, “panties over thongs”! How they got onto that topic I have no idea?!

2014-03-15 10.46.06
[Emily helping us share our group work ideas.]

With us all fully acquainted the first question of the day was set and we worked in small groups to best answer it. There was lots of brainstorming, discussions and working out how each of our teams run. How many leaders we have, if we have sub teams and what our team focuses on. It was very interesting to find out that none of the teams there were really similar at all!

2014-03-16 11.51.08
[Presentation by Marguax, Team Nantes]

Saturday was an extremely intense day listening to talks, doing workshops and eating. We ate constantly and the food was amazing! The day slightly over ran over and we had 20 minutes to freshen up before dinner. Now, because I was invited to the Summit as the Captain and Jacques had just come along for fun I had to catch up on all the goss, find out what he did all day (museums, history, learning about war…) and then dash out in an apprentice style convoy (five taxis) to a secret dinner destination.

The Dinner

2014-03-15 23.06.02
[hipster/bohemian/super cool lighting]

Etsy is a magical company. Everything that Etsy is about was crammed into our two day Summit and even the evening meal was incredible.  We arrived, after a long and winding journey from the hotel – at what appeared to be, well I’m not sure what it was, but it didn’t look like a restaurant. I showed the photos to Jacques and he asked me if we had had dinner in someones front room?!

2014-03-15 20.24.10
[Come on this is tres chic!]

We were served guava cocktails whilst we mingled and took in the soft lighting, and elegant surroundings.  I’m not a gushy person but it was soooooo cooool. We were introduced to the owner of the Pop Up restaurant FEAST and then were seated at our beautifully laid place settings.

I was sat with Sophie, who is Captain of the Etsy Pop Up Lyon Team, Stacey from Craft Britannia and Manja from the Dusseldorf Street Team.

We hadn’t really spoken in the daytime as we were in separate groups but we were still talking shop (pun intended) all through dinner and it was great! It was so much fun to find people who are not only passionate about their own small businesses but also about how they can help other businesses within their own teams.

2014-03-15 22.19.22
[Come on this is tres chic!]

We had FIVE COURSES! Etsy you really are swanky. Everything was delicious and by the end of the meal we all thought we might explode.

We retired to the hotel where Jacques and I sat with Margaux (Team Nantes), Julie (Team Bretagne) and Sophie (Team Lyon) and drank cocktails whilst tweaking our presentations…

Day 2

I arrived back at the beautiful Betahaus bleary eyed the next morning due to thecocktails presentation tweaking long into the early hours.

2014-03-16 10.51.22
[Day 2 Brainstorming and problem solving]

We were already running a little over time, there had been a lot of presentations already and everybody was ready for lunch. I was more than a little worried that people might snooze through my presentation!Today was the day that I was doing my presentation, we started with some more workshops and listened to other captains doing their presentations, then my presentation was brought forward to be before lunch.

2014-03-16 16.04.20
[the beautiful Sophie!]

Now for those of you that don’t know me personally, I talk VERY fast. I jad to ask Sophie to wave at me if I was talking too fast just in case! I had a list of notes and obviously some slides of photos of all the awesome things our team does, but I’m not actually sure what I spoke about, it all became a bit of a blur. My presentation was on “How to Structure Your Team” well really the title was “How I structure my Team” and there were hints and tips of my own, some knowledge from my dad and things I have learnt from fellow Etsy sellers along the way.

2014-03-16 10.39.25
[Virginie and Lyndsey discussing the best way to do an online workshop]

I am giving the same talk at this weekends UK Etsy Summit in London so I don’t want to give too many spoliers as some of the captains have already heard the talk in Berlin anyway! The presentation seemed to go down really well and you can see how I came across in Emily’s more informative post of the weekend here.

2014-03-16 16.18.40
[’nuff said]

The afternoon was spent chatting to Moishe who is an engineer at Etsy. He’s the one who codes all the wonderful things on the screen and he was AMAZING. This was one of my favourite parts of the weekend. Bravely he asked us to suggest improvements and he was instantly screamed at by 30 women all wanting their ideas to be heard. Once we had calmed down (a little) we had a great session of suggestions and feedback, I hope to see lots of our ideas implemented in the coming months 😉 I was very surprised to learn that coders are encouraged to send their code live just minutes after writing it, and that there is a three armed sweater to hang over your desk if you manage to bring the whole site down! Hehe!

2014-03-16 14.11.44
[Moishe and his big CODE IS CRAFT logo]

As the weekend came to a close we were invited to the Berlin Etsy office (for even more cake) and a final chat, to hand out our business cards and swap details.

2014-03-16 18.07.12
[The Etsy Admins! All who are incredibly helpful and inspiring!]

I spoke to Mark, the policies Admin who is currently working with us to explain the ins and outs of the Outside Manufacturing polices and Katie is in charge of running #CraftParty this year. I met some amazing people at the summit who I have been helping, collaborating and chatting with since our return.

2014-03-16 16.03.00
[Jenny is an Australian Etsy Admin who flew in just for the weekend!]

Expect big things from the Brighton Etsy Team, collaborations with other European teams and a whole lot of fun as I’m feeling inspired!

2014-03-16 16.18.54
[I like this, this is a motto I can live by!]

Thanks Etsy for an awesome weekend, and I’m ready to do it all again this weekend! One big thing I learnt during the weekend is that we need to encourage as many people to join Etsy through our team as possible as each new seller brings with them at least eight new buyers to the site, which is win win for everybody involved!



March Meet Up Minutes – 8th March 2017

Thank you to everyone who came to the meeting last week, if you need to catch up then please find the minutes below.

See you in April

Karli and the Leaders


Team Meeting Agenda | 8th March 2017 | Junkyard Dogs 7.30pm

| Welcome – Introduction of leaders |

+ All of the Team Leaders are volunteers 🙂

+ If this is your first meeting we carry on from the last meeting, to keep you interested!

| Etsy Made Local 2016 |

+ We have booked the venue, and are currently working on making this a bigger, better and totally different event from previous years, because of the space we are in.

| Samples, Seconds and Supplies Sale |

+ Saturday 4th March – thank you so much to everyone that took part!

+ The venue was twice as big as last year

+ The there more stalls than last year

+ Footfall wasn’t as great, and we won’t be holding another Sample Sale next year – as in general we don’t find that holding out of season events benefits anyone

+ Please remember that we always organise events for free, and your stall fee only covers the costs of things we have to purchase.

| UK Captains’ Summit |

+ Karli ( and Toby ( are there any questions?

+ Blog post about what we learnt to follow

| How to get involved with Etsy and the Team |

+ Check out the Etsy Team blog

+ Come and chat at #btnetsyhour 8-9pm each week on twitter.

+ Come and chat in the forum

+ Instagram Hashtag projects current one here: #btnetsycreativespaces until the end of March

| Next Meeting |

+ Next meeting will be at the end of April, details to follow.

| Any other business? |

We will post up shop links of the attendees in the forum so that you can check out each others shops 🙂

February Meet Up – Minutes Round Up

Thank you to everyone that came along to the meet up on Wednesday, it was great to see so many of you, old and new!

Please find the minutes below, if you have any questions just pop them in the forum.

Karli and the Leaders


Team Meeting Agenda | 1st February 2017 | Junkyard Dogs 11am

| Welcome – Introduction of leaders |

+ All of the Team Leaders are volunteers 🙂
+ If this is your first meeting we carry on from the last meeting, to keep you interested!

| Etsy Made Local 2016 |

+ 4500 through the doors
+ Feedback form didn’t really give us any surprises, as you can imagine there were a lot of regulations that were in place – which affected layout, footfall etc.
+ EML local date 2017 is 1-3rd Dec.
+ Applications will open at the end of the summer, don’t ask us about it before then, please!

| Library Exhibition |

+ Was a really successful event
+ If you still have artwork to collect please can you do this ASAP
+ We have plans for another Library Exhibition this year

| Christmas Party |

+ Thank you for coming, we will be holding more social events this year!

| AOH at Junkyard Dogs |

+ Artists have been hand picked – the more events you attend, and the more you put into the team, the more you will get out
+ Details will be published online soon.

| Samples, Seconds and Supplies Sale |

+ Saturday 4th March
+ 10am – 4pm at the Brighthelm Centre
+ First come, first in the market, applications will open soon
+ Subscribe to facebook events and turn on your Etsy emails to receive info from the forum.

| UK Captains’ Summit |

+ We’re attending, are there any questions? We will set up a forum thread.

| Craft Party |

+ Will no longer be a global event BUT
+ We will be running our our Craft Party event this year.

| What do YOU want to do with the team this year? |

| How to get involved with Etsy and the Team |

+ Check out the Etsy Team blog
+ Come and chat at #btnetsyhour 8-9pm each week on twitter.
+ Come and chat in the forum
+ Instagram Hashtag projects current one (below) until the end of February.

| Next Meeting |

Next meeting will be at the beginning of March, details to follow.

| Any other business? |

We will post up shop links of the attendees in the forum so that you can check out each others shops 🙂

Brighton Etsy Team 2015 Round Up


Karli, your team captain and fellow Brighton based Etsy seller here!

2015 was another jam packed year for the Brighton Etsy Team. I’d like to thank all of our team members (just over 1000 of you now!) and our awesome team leaders for all the time and effort you have dedicated to the team. It has been so much fun and we are looking forward to even more fun now in 2016.


Back in January we hosted the Brighton Etsy Blog Hop and also updated the team blog roll as you guys asked us to help you keep your new year resolutions and help you to blog more often.

Through out the year we ran a bunch of talks at The Old Market from LICK’s start up story and Claire Potter’s Eco background to how to make the most of online marketing with Brighton SEO. Zoe from Ladybird Likes shared how she made it big on Etsy and the Happy Start Up Company helped us to get our business priorities straight.


The UK Captains’ Summit was in March and I was able to take team leader and i Like CATs shop owner Toby along with me this time! We shared our experiences of running a pop up shop and I was presented the Team Captain of 2015 Award too.

April saw me whisked off to the Etsy IPO ceremony in New York, it was unbelievable crazy madness and I was only given two weeks warning that I was going! I was able to look around the Etsy Brooklyn office and meet lots of awesome admin and Etsy sellers.


In May we teamed up with Artist’s Open House’s to create our own unofficial trail. We had over 30 sellers involved and this lead to lots of online cross-promotion.

The Craft Party, headed up by Toby, was our third here in Brighton and it was bigger and better than ever, we had workshops from Ladybird Likes, Georgie St Clair, Fleur de Carotte and hello DODO as well as goody bags and over 120 people attended!


I was then invited to talk about the Brighton Etsy Team in Melbourne, Australia at their very first summit (and my sixth). I’ve only been captain for just over two years and I’m so proud of everything we’ve achieved, and globally, within the Etsy community, we’re famous!

In August we got involved with our first ever press/blogger event, the #EtsyBloggerSleepover. We set up mini studios in LICK and ran workshops too. The whole event was styled by Claire ( and Lick even made a video!


Throughout the year we have welcomed on board a bunch of awesome leaders who have made it easier to do more and more awesome things. Rock Cakes (back for more 😉 ) Mooshpie, Juream Box, Oh Someday and Jasmine and Hobbes join my trusty lifers hello DODO, i Like CATS, Cat a Cake Creations and BMillinery. They all have their own skills that they bring to the party, they all know how valued and needed they are too! Thanks guys!

October saw the second Europeans Captains’ Summit, this time in Amsterdam. I went solo and bigged up the Brighton Etsy Team once again, it was a rather experimental format with no agenda but I met even more awesome captains and learnt from old friends too.

December is always manic for everyone in the team but it’s also the perfect time for a Christmas Market, this year’s market was the AWESOME, and it was definitely the best Brighton has ever seen!*


Any gaps you can see in the round up here remember that we run weekly twitter chats every Tuesday 8-9pm at #btnetsyhour, as well as monthly meet ups (next one is the 25th January) and monthly instagram hashtag projects too! We’re always busy and always up to something!

So another mad year of volunteering, collaborating, event organsing and generally having a whale of a time,

Join us in 2016 for even more,


Team Captain

*if I don’t say so myself

Photo Credits | Lomokev, Wish Wish Wish, Georgie St Clair, Juream Box, Yellow Bear Wears

March Team Meeting Round Up

Missed our March meet ups? Not to worry, here is a round up of what we discussed!

Team Meeting Minutes

30th/31st March 2015

Hotel Pelirocco 7pm/Alcampo Lounge 11am

Craft Party

  • There will be a CRAFT PARTY in June, either 6/7th.
  • Theme: Kaleidoscope
  • DIY Project: Collage
  • Toby is head of Craft Party, if you would like to get involved in the organisation please let us know.

AOH unofficial trail

There is a discussion thread in the forum with a form to sign up, DEADLINE 17TH APRIL. Please share with other Etsy sellers you know. We will be designing a map, and promoting via social media, spotlighting houses and sellers on the blog.


Zoe from Ladybird Likes was on the 25th February, if you missed it check out the blog for her slides.

Next talk 21st April, from The Happy Start Up company, the event is here. . Please share, invite and attend!

Ideas for upcoming talks:

  • Licensing
  • Copywrite
  • Wholesale

Guinness World Record

  • Some Ideas:
  • Will try to do it at the Craft Party

Etsy UK Summit

It was on 27-28th March. Read about it here.

Etsy Made Local

  • A Market on the first weekend of December, with promotion help from Etsy. It is a national event with national PR.
  • The Saturday is SBS.


  • We have completed the blog hop, check out the posts here.
  • Other ideas for Blogging inspiration:
    • Btnetsytools expanded to blog questions
    • btnetsy workspaces as a blog questions

Other Business

Things to check out

Hashtags that we are using on Instagram:

btnetsy hashtag projects, currently #btnetsyspring. Have a look in the forum.




Carry on the discussion here.

Use to check your instagram stats.

What Other Platforms are Etsy Sellers using?

  • Folksy
  • Society 6
  • Not on the High Street

Hotel Pelirocco

We could have an exhibition in the main bar area

Any team members can hire the alcoves in the hotel

Collaborations with other Teams

We will be working more closely with other big UK teams including the Dorset Team, Pretty Midlands and Glasgow Etsy Team.

Editorial Trend Lists

Etsy PR will be posting the Editorial trend lists in the forums, this will be shared in the team forum.

Brighton Etsy Calendar

We will be creating a calendar of craft fairs, editorial deadlines, Etsy deadlines etc for the local Brighton and Sussex Area.