August Meet Up Minutes

Thank you to everyone that came along to the meet up last Thursday, for those of you that missed it, you can find the minutes below:

Team Meeting Agenda | 24th August 2017 | Upstairs at Marwood 7pm

| Welcome – Introduction of leaders |

+ All of the Team Leaders are volunteers 🙂

+ If this is your first meeting we carry on from the last meeting, to keep you interested!

| Etsy Made Local Brighton |

+ Applications launch 25th August 2017

+ Applications close 8th September 2017

+ Please don’t put your shop on holiday between the 8th September – 12th as we will be jurying applications at this point.

+ Active team members will be favoured, although this does not mean that it is not open to all sellers from in and around Brighton.

+ All sellers must have an open, active Etsy shop that sells handmade, vintage or craft supplies.

+ The application will launch across social media, you WILL NOT be able to miss it.

+ You can find out EML FAQs here:

+ We will be on hand to answer your questions during the application process, but please bear in mind that we are volunteers with our own businesses and often full time or part time jobs, and there may be a delay in our response (which is why we have created the FAQ and an explanatory application form)

| #btnetsyhour is BACK |

+ Our first #btnetsyhour was yesterday and we’ll be back again next Tuesday at 8pm. 

| How to get involved with Etsy and the Team |

+ Check out the Etsy Team blog

+ Come and chat at #btnetsyhour 8-9pm each week on twitter (back from August 28th)

+ Come and chat in the forum

+ Instagram Hashtag projects current one here:

| Introduce Makers |

+ Show what you sell and tell us a bit about your shop. (see post in the forum for attendees)

| Next Meeting |

+ Next meeting will be a morning meet up 20th September.

| Any other business? |

+ We will post up shop links of the attendees in the forum so that you can check out each others shops 🙂

Hopefully see you at the next meet up!

Karli and the Leaders


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