Brighton Etsy July Meet Up Minutes

Team Meeting Agenda | 12th July 2017 | Junkyard Dogs 10.30am

| Welcome – Introduction of leaders |

+ All of the Team Leaders are volunteers 🙂

+ If this is your first meeting we carry on from the last meeting, to keep you interested!

| Craft Party |

+ We raised a fantastic £500 for MIND from our raffle

+ Thank you to everybody that came

+ Thank you to everyone who ran a workshop

+ Thank you to CASS Art and Brontie for Sponsoring

+ Thanks to Taj for running her Pop Up Tearoom

+ Next Craft Party to come in 2018!

| Etsy Made Local Brighton |

+ Etsy have announced it

+ How to get involved?

Attend #btnetsyhour, use the #btnetsy hashtag on instagram, attend events in person.The more we see you, the more likely we are to know you and your brand and to ask you to exhibit at EML

+ Last year we had over 200 applications, for 72 stalls. This year there are only 66 stalls.

+ Applications will be announced in late August.

| #btnetsyhour is on a summer break until September |

+ You can still use #btnetsy for retweets 🙂

| Big changes at |

+ There’s lots of changes going on, from a new CEO to platform changes. Make sure you keep up to date!



| Our Team is getting BIG |

We love putting on events, so far this year we’ve had the Sample Sale, AOH at Junkyard Dogs and Craft Party and we have plans for more events before EML at Christmas. This means that our turnover is increasing and although none of our events make a profit and we still don’t pay any of our strong team of volunteers, that we are out growing our ‘clubs and societies’ label and need to move forward to develop the team.

We just wanted to let you know that we are working on this behind the scenes.

| How to get involved with Etsy and the Team |

+ Check out the Etsy Team blog

+ Come and chat at #btnetsyhour 8-9pm each week on twitter (back September 5th)

+ Come and chat in the forum

+ Instagram Hashtag projects current one here:

| Next Meeting |

Next meeting will be an evening meet up in August, details to follow.

Any other business?

We will post up shop links of the attendees in the forum so that you can check out each others shops 🙂


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