March Meet Up Minutes – 8th March 2017

Thank you to everyone who came to the meeting last week, if you need to catch up then please find the minutes below.

See you in April

Karli and the Leaders


Team Meeting Agenda | 8th March 2017 | Junkyard Dogs 7.30pm

| Welcome – Introduction of leaders |

+ All of the Team Leaders are volunteers 🙂

+ If this is your first meeting we carry on from the last meeting, to keep you interested!

| Etsy Made Local 2016 |

+ We have booked the venue, and are currently working on making this a bigger, better and totally different event from previous years, because of the space we are in.

| Samples, Seconds and Supplies Sale |

+ Saturday 4th March – thank you so much to everyone that took part!

+ The venue was twice as big as last year

+ The there more stalls than last year

+ Footfall wasn’t as great, and we won’t be holding another Sample Sale next year – as in general we don’t find that holding out of season events benefits anyone

+ Please remember that we always organise events for free, and your stall fee only covers the costs of things we have to purchase.

| UK Captains’ Summit |

+ Karli ( and Toby ( are there any questions?

+ Blog post about what we learnt to follow

| How to get involved with Etsy and the Team |

+ Check out the Etsy Team blog

+ Come and chat at #btnetsyhour 8-9pm each week on twitter.

+ Come and chat in the forum

+ Instagram Hashtag projects current one here: #btnetsycreativespaces until the end of March

| Next Meeting |

+ Next meeting will be at the end of April, details to follow.

| Any other business? |

We will post up shop links of the attendees in the forum so that you can check out each others shops 🙂


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