Captains’ Summit Paris

Hey guys, this is one of those better late than never posts, just before we do our round up of what a blooming marvellous year the Brighton Etsy Team has had.

If you don’t know what a Captains’ Summit is by now you can go back and read one of these blog posts, as this is my ninth summit!?


Having been to a quite a few of these events now I have Captain friends all over the world and I was so excited to meet up with some of my faves from across Europe. These folks are my team hive mind, as they are running very similar operations all around the world.

I met with Rachel (Dorset Team) and Becky (Nottingham Team) who are both previous Brighton Etsy members (!) to get the Eurostar to Paris. Becky is not only Queen of Frocks but also Queen of knowing where to go so she led us to our exclusive Etsy only hotel.


We were greeted with Etsy goody bags, the weekends schedule a big comfy bed and a mug, which we used to drink copius amounts of wine from!


Friday night is always a night off to meet up and have a chat so we went to grab some food at veggie restaurant around the corner that also had vegan and gluten free options, this is no mean feat in Paris, and it was delish.

Saturday we arrived at the Bastille Design Centre, by Tuk Tuk, where we quickly settled into our introduction with Fanny, who was leading the summit (she had THE BEST outfits ever!)

Saturday was a long day of policy, advocacy, VAT and team design. It was pretty heavy stuff, and as it was being filmed to be broadcast out live (I think there was a few hiccups with sound which meant this wasn’t possible however) it meant sitting still all. day. long.


Saturday evening we were taken in a coach into central Paris, we had no idea where we were heading to until we arrived at a boat which took us along the Siene and under the Eiffle Tower! It was magic!


Sunday was filled with workshops, I was part of a session where you could ask another captain anything, one on planning and breaking down tasks, and a final one on researching how team members engage within a team and how this should affect the way we respond to newbies and more experienced members.

It was a great time to reflect on the team, and store strategies ready for exactly this time of year when the team gets a bit of a shake up, with new goals, leader movement, more defined roles and we plan for the year ahead.

We hopped back on the Eurostar and my brain exploded from the amount of information I had taken in over the weekend, most of this info has been fed back to you guys in our monthly meet ups and via the forum but if you have any questions hit me up in the comments below!

Karli x


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