Brighton Etsy Made Local – Christmas Market Round Up

Happy 2017 everyone! We hope you had a wonderful Christmas and are all set for achieving lots during this year.


Christmas may seem like a distant memory already but we wanted to round up what a great day we had at our Brighton EML Christmas Market at Brighton Dome on Saturday 3rd December last year. This was our biggest and best Christmas Market to date and it was certainly popular with over 4,500 visitors throughout the day and over 90 talented sellers taking part. Held on Small Business Saturday UK the crowds flocked in, all in search of unique handmade and one off gifts.

Here are a few snaps from the day, kindly taken by team leaders Oh Someday and Juream Box.

15894315_1353329094739190_8658232234045002429_n 15871592_1353330481405718_377001751041756429_n 15895346_1353331614738938_6296645985934253326_n 15894785_1353331904738909_3483270424227273890_n 15826574_1353327971405969_525180575064230280_n 15894452_1353328568072576_2584987571033345829_n 15873294_1353332911405475_1698679967133024612_n 15871688_1353329928072440_820267465611889094_n 15823252_1353328784739221_4341402842333449373_n 15826678_1353330791405687_876843971247235892_n 15873479_1353334081405358_4819302395669121284_n 15871813_1353334201405346_865894679023208099_n 15825868_1353334854738614_2230981874534820038_n 15822953_1354230817982351_2419586467148075157_n 15873060_1353332454738854_3809339095020470776_n

A big thank you to all our wonderful sellers who helped make the day so special. Plus a special shout out to our team captain Karli of Designosaur and team leaders (which you can view here) for volunteering their time and working so hard to make everything happen.



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  1. Ah! The memories…..Great pics of a super day.

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