Your Brighton – Brighton Etsy Art Exhibition

We’re very excited to invite you to ‘Your Brighton’ – an exhibition taking place in the windows of Jubilee Library depicting 15 pieces of art all created by Brighton Etsy Team members and depicting the lesser known aspects of Brighton life! Whether it be a landmark that gets overlooked, a historical building, shop, pub, view or anything else that makes Brighton special, you’ll find it in this show! And what’s brilliant is you’ll be able to view the works either outside from Jubilee Square or if it’s cold and wet also inside the library itself!

The exhibition runs December 13th – December 23rd.


Will you be able to purchase these exclusive Brighton prints? YES! For ONE DAY ONLY on Saturday December 17th we’ll be manning a pop up stall inside Jubille Library where you’ll be able to buy the prints and also other work from each artist.

Becky Lu – Screen Printer, Printed Textiles Designer & Illustrator
Forever Foxed
Georgie St Clair
hello DODO
Laura Danby – Print Maker & Jewellery Designer
Sarah Edmonds Illustration
I like CATS
Woah there Pickle
Vicky Scott Illustration
Vicky Ramsey Illustration
Beetle Cherry
Pork Chops
Stoats and Weasels

We hope you enjoy the show and we’ll see you on the 17th

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