Brighton Etsy Christmas Market 2016

Yay Christmas 2016 is peeping it’s head out and the Etsy Made Local fairs are upon us.

It’s less than three weeks for the Brighton Etsy Christmas Market – ahhhhhhh! The Brighton team captain along with the leaders have been mega busy planning, organising and promoting the event.


Beautifully fab posters went up around Brighton on Monday, see below, so the word is well and truly out there – if you’re taking part or coming along do share the image on your social media….

After the success of last years fair which took place at the open market, there were around 7000 visitors and we received great feedback from sellers. This year we are going a tad up market, moving things indoors and will be in Brighton’s heritage Corn Exchange.

There are going to be close to 100 makers taking part in this years fair and I must reiterate that the team captain and leaders have been working full out to make this event an enjoyable success. There will be Christmas music playing, whether you love it or hate it, it adds to the festive atmosphere. We are all volunteers with our own busy craft businesses, there is no profit made in running the market so please bear that in mind before, during and after the event!


My top tips for this year would be to: 

– Get making and have lots of stock ready to go…

– Spread the word to your fans and followers so that they can come and enjoy the event.

– Think about lighting your stall, battery fairy lights can be a simple and effective way of adding a festive glow and sparkle to your space. 

– Set up your stall at home as a trial run and take a pic to refer to on the morning of the show, it takes the stress away.

– Get a good nights sleep the night before so that you are your happy smily self 🙂

 – And finally get festive and get excited….

brighton etsy christmas market

If you want to read more about my craft fair tips here is the post that I wrote for the market last year…

Yipee!! It’s the best time of the year!!!!

See you at on December 3rd at the best Craft Fair in Brighton 😉

Much love
RockCake aka Sarah xx


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