Brighton Etsy Instagram Talk Round Up

If you missed out on the Brighton Etsy Instagram Q&A talk a couple of weeks ago then you can catch up on a selection of the slides here.

The talk was one of our most popular ever with a panel of Georgie St Clair, I Like CATS and And Smile speaking. A Q&A session was then hosted by Mooshpie and the audience got a chance to ask their questions too.


First up was Viktorija of And Smile.

She’s shared her top Instagram tips with us:

  • Whether you use hashtags or not (and for whatever reason you use instagram business/career/fun) it’s a lot of work. It’s pretty much a full time job. It takes a lot of effort and lots of photos to build an audience.
  • Be yourself!
  • Do things your way. It’s your business (your account :). Have a super funky voice or a very professional one (or both!), it’s your choice!
  • Have fun and enjoy what you do on social media. Let it be a pleasure and not a chore and I think people will enjoy the content more if you enjoyed and loved creating it!
  • Have an aim! Be it to build a community, spread the word about your work, show behind the scenes, launch a creative career.. HAVE A LONG TERM GOAL in mind, it will help you to stay on track!
  • Numbers are not everything. Huge or small following wont make or break you. It’s just another tool (both instagram and following) in your arsenal! Know what you want to do and think how you can get where you want to be. 🙂
  • Keep going and love what you do!
  • Try to think outside the box when creating content, it will break your routine and make things more fun and hopefully engage more people! 🙂
  • Be ready for change and embrace the change. If your business is internet based or we are talking just about instagram, things change very very fast online, be mindful of that. Don’t rely on one thing too much, diversify! 🙂










Next was Toby of I Like CATS.

Toby says, “I started using Instagram way back in 2014. Like everyone else my first pictures are mainly of food and pets and drunken nights out.

When I started posting pictures of my illustration work and things for my etsy shop, that is when I realised I was getting more followers and likes, and I realised that Instagram could be a really useful tool for increasing traffic to my shop. I also really enjoyed using the app, being such a visual person it was the perfect social media for me, plus being able to interact with people – be it on my own posts, or through following others – has created loads of links for me. I also just enjoy being able to scroll through and see what other friends and artists are up to, what new work is being made and what kind of trends are going around – not that I really follow trends myself!

I don’t know if I have any kind of original hints or tips – I don’t really believe there is a secret formula for Instagram success other than making your content as good as possible! Post regularly (I post 2-4 times a day), be original, take good pictures and find your audience. Use hashtags to bring in followers and in turn you’ll find people to follow. Interact and be interesting. Most importantly, have fun!”


screen-shot-2016-09-19-at-19-48-49 screen-shot-2016-09-19-at-19-48-38








And finally we welcomed Georgie St Clair.

Georgie says, “I really enjoyed taking part in the Brighton Etsy Instagram Q&A. A lot of people came up afterwards to thank us but also mentioned they were hoping for the magic answer to Instagram success on the night. So is there a #magichashtag to Instagram Success?

On reflection I think I do have an answer: Consistency.”

Here are Georgie’s top tips:

  • Consistent imagery – keep your imagery beautiful and relevant to your work. Unless your private life is relevant to your business have a separate account.
  • Consistant colours – ‘brand’ your images. Make sure you keep the colours and tones similar throughout your feed. This is a fun tool to try
  • Consistant posting – commit to posting a certain number of days a week
  • Consistant times – try to post at the same time
  • Consistant engagment – talk to people! Leave comments. Thank people who leave comments on your posts.
  • Consistant hashtags – find relevant hashtags to your niche/network and regularly post to them
  • Consistently keep going – the hard work will pay off!








Do pop over to each of their Etsy shops and give them a follow and say hello on Instagram too! A big thank you again to Viktorija, Toby and Georgie for taking part and to Cheska for hosting.


Event Photography by Judite of JureamBox.

Our next Brighton Etsy talk will be in November and full details will be announced very soon.



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