BTN ETSY TALK with Aidan Saunders | PRINT WAGON

We are really looking forward to Aidan of Print Wagon coming to talk to us about his touring adventures and running a successful business. The talk is on Tuesday 19th July at the Old Market in Brighton, doors open at 7pm and the talk will begin at about 7:30.


We’ll let Aidan explain more…

“Hello! My name is Aidan Saunders and since April 2014 I have toured the Uk in a hand painted VW caddy, freshly pressing linocuts and exhibiting a wide range of hand-printed ephemera.

Dubbed by Design Week as the ‘Del Boy of print’ I like to make print an interactive and engaging experience, promoting the practice to an audience of people who perhaps wouldn’t find themselves looking in galleries or visiting exhibitions.

My talk will include how I started the Print Wagon, my initial tour and how it has allowed me to do other things in the creative industry like the group show I curated ‘The rise and fall of Mel Gibson’ and being involved with events like ‘The Big Steam Print’ “

Hope to see you all there! View our Facebook event for more details and map.

Photo Credit | People of Print


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