Sussex University Crafternoon Wants You

We wanted to let you know about Sussex University’s Crafternoon as they are looking for Brighton Etsy sellers to take part.


Daisy, the events assistant at the University of Sussex Students’ Union, explains all the details:

“We are currently planning our freshers week 2016 and would love for the Brighton Etsy community to get involved! On Thursday 15th September we will be holding our Crafternoon event in Room 76, our cafe at the back of Falmer bar on campus. We held the event earlier this year in January and it was a great success. Due to popular demand by Students we want to hold the event and make it bigger and better this year. What we want is to provide an event where Etsy creators are able to come and demonstrate their amazing crafting skills and hold mini workshops to get students involved and get crafting. There will also be plenty of opportunity to sell your wonderful creations! Please drop me an email – if you would be interested so I can send you some more info/details and we can get you booked in.”

You can also find a thread releating to this over in our Forum.

Photo credit: Oh Someday.


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