Craft Party Workshop – Love Heart Brooch

Next up in our Brighton Etsy Craft Party workshops we introduce Sandeep Pawar of Planes Workshop who will be running a fab Love Heart Brooch workshop on Friday 10th June at our craft party!

Love Heart Brooch Workshop

In keeping with this years theme of togetherness and collaboration I will be running a Love Heart Brooch workshop. The workshop will run all evening and folk can pull up a chair and join in at any time. Makers will have the opportunity to adorn their heart in the ‘I Feel ♥’ slogan, or can choose to decorate in felt confetti, sequins or pom poms- the choice is yours- absolutely no rules!

etsy workshop1

heart shapes wkshop etsy wkshop

Planes Workshop 

Planes Workshop is party decor brand featuring garlands, party backdrops and banners. Each piece is hand made by Sandeep Pawar; a craft based designer living it up in Brighton. Sandeep loves making and lives by her brands ethos of celebrating festivity and togetherness through craft and making.

View Planes Workshop on Etsy here. 

SS1 ss8 5

Haven’t got your craft party ticket yet? Buy and find out more here.


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