Free Photocraft Brighton Sellers’ Team Webinar

We’re excited to announce a FREE Photography webinar on Tuesday 24th May (showing 9am – 9pm) exclusively for Brighton Etsy Team sellers run by Lyndsey James of Photocraft.

We’ll let Lyndsey explain all the details:

“I’m delighted to be hosting a FREE webinar for you lovely people – members of the Brighton Sellers’ Etsy Team!


I have worked a lot with Etsy over the years and loved visiting Brighton a few years ago to run a Photography talk for your team. I have also written several Photography articles for the Etsy seller handbook, have assisted them with the design of their fabulous Etsy School photography module as well as speaking about photography at various events for them.

I’ll be sharing my combined knowledge of Etsy and Photography with YOU in what will be a great 45 minute webinar full of easy to apply photography & styling tips that will help you on your way to taking amazing product photos for your Etsy store.

It’s super easy to register and no complicated software is required to view the webinar, just click on the register button and enter your details in the pop up box that appears. Make sure your email address is entered correctly!”

To register click here.


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