UK Etsy Captains’ Summit 2016

Hey, Karli here!

A couple of weekends ago both myself and Judite from Juream Box, who is one of the Brighton Etsy Team Leaders were invited to the third UK Captains Summit.


For those of you that have been reading the blog for a while you’ll know that this is my eighth summit, but for Judite is was her very first.

So the summit is a conference for Etsy Captains and Leaders from all over the UK to meet up and discuss their ideas and plans for the coming year. We all travelled to Cambridge and the Summit was held in the Moller Centre, part of the University – It was a beautiful brutalist building!


As we have been going to these summits with the team for a while now it was great to catch up with old friends, the Glasgow Etsy Team, Birmingham IDEAS, Nottingham Etsy Team, The Portsmouth and Southsea Consortium and the Merseyside Etsy Team as well as meet lots of new captains and leaders with brand new teams.

One of the main focuses of the meeting was this year’s Etsy Made Local event, you may have seen or hopefully attended our Etsy Made Local Market last year, and you’ll be pleased to hear that we are running the event in Brighton again this year as part of Etsy’s National campaign on the 3-4 December. [Please do not message us about applications or details until September when applications will open, as we’ll be doing out best to make sure all the details get to you as and when they are finalised. We know you’re excited, we are too!]


The weekend is divided up into talks, break out sessions, cake eating, and this year there was an icebreaker that I got so excited about, I ran into a table. OUCH.

Judite said that the Captains’ Summit was a brilliant opportunity to meet other teams from across the country, and meet new friends that otherwise you would only know via social media. Lets not forget getting to know the Etsy UK admin team too! Overall the weekend was a great experience to bring big ideas to life, and make new connections. If you get a chance, I’d recommended to go!


So there you have it, any questions let us know!

Karli  and Judite x


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