Brighton Etsy Team Members Help to ‘Untangle the Sea’

Have you all heard about the ‘Untangled’ project? Organised by The World Cetacean Alliance and with the help of artists/designers/craftsmen they hope to ‘Untangle the Sea’. The aim of the project is to bring the problem of ghost gear (i.e. used, discarded fishing nets, lines etc…) in our seas to the surface, and to suggest ways to tackle the issue.


They have asked artists to design a piece of ghost netting, which will be used to raise the public’s awareness of the problem of ghost gear in our seas and the threat it poses to all marine wildlife. It will also serve as an example of how ghost gear can be recycled into something of value/beauty, thereby suggesting a financial incentive not to dump it at sea. Each piece will be auctioned off to help raise funds for the WCAs Net Effect campaign which is working to raise awareness and tackle the Ghost Gear problem.

Many of our Brighton Etsy Team members are taking part in the project including Bea Toa, Jay Kendal, Angela Wake, and Becky Lu to name a few.


eBay auction

They are creating eBay listings for the pieces. The auction will begin at 8pm onThursday 11th February, and will end on Sunday 21st February at 8pm – a 10 day auction.


The Telegraph’s Outdoor Adventure and Travel Show

The WCA will be loading up the van full of netting and artwork and heading up to London to set up the WCA area (within the WhaleFest stand/area) at The Telegraph’s Outdoor Adventure and Travel Show (Thurs 11th Feb – Sun 14th Feb). The stand will be a gazebo strewn with netting and featuring Brighton Etsy sellers artworks, and will incorporate an activity for people to dress up as a marine animal (mask, fins, webbed hands) and they will try to get themselves through a fishing net without getting tangled!

Also browse the Creations for Cetaceans Facebook page for more updates on the project, information on the auction as it happens and photos from the show!

The auction will commence on the evening of the first day of the show, Thursday 11th February at 8pm (finishing Sunday 21st Feb at 8pm).


On display in Brighton

Following the show, throughout the half term week (Monday 15th February – Sunday 21st February), and therefore for the remaining duration of the eBay auction, they will be displaying the artwork in venues in and around Brighton. Here are the fixtures, please do pop along to see any that you can:

Celebrity endorsements

And finally…and very excitingly, the WCA have a few celebrity endorsements for the items. They sent a number of celebrities a perspex whale (kindly designed and produced by Jacques Keogh of DesignosaurYeah) and asked them to sign it, which will be attached to certain artworks up for auction.


The following pieces have been selected to receive the endorsements:

  • Laura Callaghan Grooms, ‘Untangled’: David Attenborough
  • Tom Barker, ‘Ghost Net Whale’: Mark Cawardine (zoologist, author, presenter)
  • Becky Lu, ‘Balboa’: Ricky Gervais
  • Sally Durrant ‘Untitled’: Doug Allan (wildlife photographer)

If you are an artist or designer, or even if you just feel that this is a project that will get your creative juices flowing, then contact them for more information at


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