Amsterdam Etsy Summit


Karli here again! You may have seen that last weekend I was at yet another summit! This summit was where it all started, 18 months ago I was invited to the very first European Captains Summit in Berlin and this whirlwind journey of summit attending and speech giving began!

m_2015-10-12 etsy summit amsterdam 1 (9)

This year 44 captains from 26 countries all met up in Amsterdam.

I was really excited as I was able to meet with awesome captains I’d met previously as well as meet many many more!

m_2015-10-12 etsy summit amsterdam 426

Every time I go to one of these events I always get shop envy of the other captains so to curb that feeling this time I decided to organise a little swap shop, everybody brought a wrapped item from their shop, they all went into a big box and then it was a free for all!

m_2015-10-12 etsy summit amsterdam 1 (17)

Normally at summits there is a mix of presentations from captains and admin followed by breakout sessions , but this time round Etsy tried something new, an open agenda which we created ourselves!

m_2015-10-12 etsy summit amsterdam 418

It all went very smoothly and everybody was able to discuss the burning questions they had about their own teams.

m_2015-10-12 etsy summit amsterdam 372

 Oh and there was still lots of cake!

Another new thing about the summit was that most of Etsy’s and senior team were there, including CEO Chad Dickerson, and Heather Jassy (SVP of Members and community). I hope that they learnt as much from us, and our feedback as we did from themand their insights into the very different business that Etsy is!

m_2015-10-12 etsy summit amsterdam 381

I asked on twitter before the summit if anybody had any questions and these are the responses I got to those questions.

When will the Etsy Card Reader be available in the UK?

Will EtsyUK be connecting with Royal Mail like you can with ebay for quicker shipping?

Right now, we are in the 2016 planning mode, when everything will be finalised, I will make sure to update you on any news we got on these topics.”

– Francesca Ormezzano 

International Community Programs

 m_2015-10-12 etsy summit amsterdam 554

If you want to find out more I’ll be posting on the designosaur blog too, see you at the next meet up!

Team Captain

Photo Credit | Silja Erg


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