Etsy Bell Ringing Ceremony in NYC!


So where have I been? You may have seen across social media, photos of me in the Big Apple last week. I was very lucky to be invited by Etsy to attend the Bell Ringing Ceremony to mark the moment when Etsy became a public company. 


Along with 23 other sellers I was whisked off to New York due to all the awesome things we have achieved with the Brighton Etsy Team. Fun Fact: We are now almost 800 Etsy sellers based in and around Brighton!


So what actually happened? It all seemed to go so quickly but we were invited to Nasdaq for the bell ringing ceremony. The bells that Etsy used were all vintage or handmade and bought from Etsy sellers! (obviously!)

etsy hq 3

After the ceremony and once we had toasted Etsy, there was a market of sellers in Times Square. It was a sea of orange with Etsy tote bags being printed in the middle of the market and sellers from across the globe selling their handmade or vintage goods.


Etsy also turned Times Square orange with all the billboards showing Etsy banners and seller photos!


Did you know this was happening? Did you see the online event for all Etsy sellers to get involved in the excitement? You guys were asked to use the hashtag #sellerbration, I hope you did!

etsy hq2

Want to find out more? Take a look at the Etsy blog and learn about Etsy becoming a public company or more about what happened on the day

I was so proud to represent the UK and our team! WE RULE!


Team Captain


3 Comments Add yours

  1. I feel really proud that of only 23 sellers to be invited – you were there representing our team – Go Karli!!

  2. actuallyido says:

    Ahhhh this is SO AWESOME! Hope you had a blast Karli!

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