Brighton Etsy April Talk: Why Happiness Should be your Business Model

Our next Brighton Etsy Talk is just around the corner – April 21st, 7pm at The Old Market Hove. This month the talk is by The Happy Start Up School and focuses around the subject “Why happiness should be your business model”. We all could welcome a bit more happiness in our lives, so pop along to the free talk to find out more!


Here is what they have to say:

There’s a new breed of entrepreneur looking to realise their dreams – startup founders that want to do business differently and value happiness before profits. In this inspiring talk Laurence and Carlos, founders of the Happy Startup School, will tell us a bit about their story and show that the future belongs to companies with a clear purpose, passionate team and delighted customers. Get these things right and you can change the world in your own little way.

About Laurence:
Laurence McCahill is co-founder of Spook Studio, a digital studio for entrepreneurs and innovative companies, as well as the driving force behind The Happy Startup School – a movement of people that believe in doing business differently, placing happiness before profits. He’s passionate about making people’s lives better, easier and more fun through good design and a more-human approach to business. He also curates the annual Happy Startup Summercamp – a 3 day retreat for purpose-driven entrepreneurs, creatives and changemakers.

About Carlos:
Carlos has been in the tech scene for 15 years, working with startups and corporates of various shapes and sizes setting up Spook Studio with Laurence in 2004. During this time he’s learned that no matter how good you are at executing and shipping products if you don’t really believe in what you’re doing and can’t communicate your passion clearly, then you’re destined for mediocrity. Being an ex-physicist he appreciates the scientific approach of the Lean Startup but also believes that to build a great business you need to have a clear sense of purpose, a strong company culture and a defined set of values.

Find out more over on their website here. Join our facebook event here for all the latest updates.


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