Our Visit to Etsy HQ with CEO Chad Dickerson

Brighton Etsy Team Captain Karli was lucky enough to be invited to Etsy HQ in London last week, find out how she got on…

Last Thursday I headed up to Etsy HQ in London to meet Etsy’s CEO, Chad Dickerson. I arrived just after Louise who is captain of the Cambridge Team, we were offered some scones and then we got down to business.

2015-02-19 15.55.42

The Etsy office is awesome, it’s across two levels, with upstairs as a kitchen and dining area where the whole team eat together. There is always a great vibe and people hard at work at their computers. Downstairs there are a few meeting rooms and little felt clouds cover the ceiling!

2015-02-19 14.45.21

We sat down with Chad and also Mike who is VP of Product and chatted about Etsy, our teams and what our dream features of the site would be.

It was great being able to talk to the CEO, and I think this says a lot for Etsy as a company.

2015-02-19 14.43.41

We all know that when things change on the site, some of the users are delighted but more often than not, it’s the disgruntled users that get the most attention.

As Louise and I are not only sellers and buyers but also get multiple convos a day from team members, chat to our teams and check in our forums we know how other sellers feel about the changes too!

I did try to ask as many questions as possible, if you want to see the full list, check out the forum. If the questions were more like feedback, rest assured that these were asked and noted, but obviously there probably isn’t an answer to these questions right now!

2015-02-19 14.43.28

What’s happened to the Etsy Ambassador Program?

Unfortunately the program is lying dormant because of some issues on how it can be run successfully. There is an Etsy Admin working on this so if you were an Etsy Ambassador and you are still interested, send the team an email (brightonetsyteam@gmail.com) and we will put you in touch with the right people!

When will Etsy Wholesale be implemented for those who wish to sell in UK?

This has been delayed indefinitely. This doesn’t mean as a UK seller you can’t sign up, only that if you do, you will have to have your shop in dollars. There are pros and cons to this, want to find out more about Etsy Wholesale? Have a look here.

Can we add photos to the forum and tag people in threads?

It sounds like the forum is going to get a big overhaul, more tools for the leaders to be able to contact the team and for the team to be able to do more “on Etsy” communication rather than “off Etsy”. I mentioned the above suggestions as well as some of my own!

The new kids section has boys and girls section. shouldn’t Etsy lead the way by being gender neutral?

Chad seemed quite shocked by this, there wasn’t a comment made but I think there will be changes very soon!

When is the homepage being changed back?

Never! The homepage was changed as Etsy sellers complained that not a vast enough variety of sellers were being featured in the curated treasuries. The new news feed style homepage is in it’s infancy and feedback from it is being used to improve it. You can make your newsfeed work better for you by tweaking the people you follow and the shops you favourite. Have you been on a favathon spree, and favourited products you didn’t really like? Well Etsy is about to show you a whole load of new things you don’t like! Why not go through and make some tough decisions! Also in your feed you will find products from Pages, follow the BrightonSellers Team Page, for products from the team. We will also be starting some “Scavenger Hunts” in the forum for items that can be added to these boards. This is a great “on Etsy” promotional tool.

So that was that! I’m actually off to the UK Captains’ Summit at the end of March so any other feedback let us know in the same thread, and I’ll make sure these issues get brought up then!


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Brilliant! Must have been so good to meet them, thanks for being a super sleuth Karli!

    1. Karli says:

      It was awesome and every time I go to Etsy I really do try to get as many questions in as possible! 😀

  2. Just wanted to say that your tights/ leggings are amazing Karli!

    1. Karli says:

      haha! Thanks Kate, they are The White Pepper ones 🙂

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