A New Team Leader Joins: Jasmine & Hobbes

The Brighton Etsy team are pleased to announce we’ve a new team leader joining us – Tori of Jasmine + Hobbes. Find out all about her…


Well hello there, I’m Tori and I’m the human being behind jasmine + hobbes I officially only set up my shop in June 2014, making me relatively new to Etsy land. I think I set up my shop the way many Etsy shop’s get set up, I started doing something I really loved, other people loved me doing the thing I loved and wanted to own the thing’s I was making and voila an Etsy shop was born.


My four pieces of advice for anyone thinking of setting up an Etsy shop is;

1) If you’re at all unsure about taking the plunge, just jump in and try listing a couple of items – what’s the worst thing that can happen? People buy all your things? Great news! People buy none of your things? That’s where advice point number 2 comes in…

2) Get involved with your local Etsy team – join them for a social or pop along to one of their events. What better than a room full of people who have experienced setting up their own shop? Ask questions, share your ideas, voice your worries, chances are someone is either going through the same thing or has been through it in the past. Other team members can also be a great soundboard for your new product ideas.

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3) Let your shop grow and lead the way – my one early Etsy days regret is how I let my first sale turn me into a fabric buying enthusiast, instead of just slowly growing my product range and looking at my stats to guide my purchasing decisions. It just meant that I held a lot of monies worth of fabric for months afterwards and it took six months to breakeven with my shop.

4) Get some comfy loungewear – although we would all love to own a beautiful work studio where we drink soy lattes and wear fancy scarves, so many Etsy sellers start off making their products in their PJ’s on their sofa and many continue that way, don’t worry about getting the professional set up overnight.


My favourite experience with the Brighton Etsy team so far has to be the pop-up shop that ran from November – December, getting accepted to be part of the sellers team and committee was so exciting and a real boost to my confidence in my brand. Then getting the shop set up with the team was loads of fun, if a little hectic at times, and selling my products in the shop was such an amazing opportunity and a great place to help develop my brand further by talking to the customers and other sellers.

2 copy

Being offered a place as a Brighton Etsy team leader had to be one of the most exciting pieces of news of 2014 for me, to go from setting up my shop in June to being a team leader in December wasn’t at all how I planned my year. In my non-Etsy life I have lots of experience in events planning and marketing so I hope to bring that to the team. I’m also keen to chat to anyone setting up their first Etsy shop in 2015 and help them out on those first few exciting steps to selling items they love making. If you’re setting up and want to ask some questions, feel free to drop me an email hello@jasmineandhobbes.com


You can find out more about what I do at  www.etsy.com/uk/shop/JasmineHobbes, as well as www.facebook.com/jasmineandhobbes and www.instagram.com/jasmineandhobbes

On my work room wall I have an Anthony Burrill print that says “WORK HARD & BE NICE TO PEOPLE” and I think that sums up setting up your own Etsy shop, it is hard work but you will get rewarded for your hard work, and being nice to people is a superb way to live each day and get the most from what you do.


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  1. Fantastic blog post, I love suggestion number 4, I really need some ‘home clothes’ that aren’t my actual pyjamas! Any suggestions gladly accepted!

  2. eanjewellery says:

    Welcome Tori ! I totally agree with point number 2. The Brighton Etsy Team (or another relevant Etsy team) can help you in so many ways if you get involved.

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