Sellers Spotlight…Sebastian Bolivar

The next of the pop up shop perticipants we have under the spotlight is Sebastian Bolivar who designes and makes Jewelwry and sculptures using historical techniques.

We are super excited to have you as part of our Brighton Etsy market, tell us a bit about you and your creations:

From simple seed necklaces to sculptural filigree forms, my Jewellery & Sculpture combines cultures, styles, and historical techniques into pieces that are elegantly finished yet unique and artisanal.

SebastianBolivar is a young label born from the combined visions of myself (Sebastian Bolivar) and my creative partner Beatrice Cupido.


The techniques I use focus on simplicity and frugality.
“The smallest amount of tools needed to work the most beautiful raw materials will produce the most meaningful and powerful result.”
Due to the artisanal nature of my work, series are created in small batches and rarely reproduced.


How long have you been selling on Etsy and have you found it beneficial to your brand?

I registered myself on Etsy in 2012 but we only started using it properly and constantly about 5 months ago. It has been a great platform to organise our shop and to learn about online marketing and branding and creating potential customers. Through Etsy we have had the chance to meet other makers, share ideas and be involved with great projects such as the Brighton Etsy Popup shop.

What is your best seller?

As my collection is continually changing and I have sold my work in several countries there is no specific piece that I could call my best-seller. But for sure I can say that my feather earrings and tribal seed necklaces are always popular and my latest collection in copper and leather has had a lot of interest too.


Will you be selling some special festive creations at the market?

No. But we will be showing a new collection with packaging that is designed as a perfect gift for a loved one at any time of year.

What are you plans and ambitions for the future (if you have not already achieved them!)?

We have a clear idea of the direction we want to take our brand. We understand our customers and what kind of service and product they are looking for and hope to be able to develop our brand, its image and also the new collections into that package. We wish to expand the brand a little more into the realm of home Decor and possibly experimenting with clothes design too.


Thanks so much for answering our questions we look forward to seeing you and your creations in the shop, and you can find Sebastian’s etsy shop here…


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