Sellers Spotlight: Jasmine + Hobbes

Next up in our sellers spotlight is Jasmine + Hobbes, who makes customizable and handmade clothing and home decor and in her shop she lets you choose you colour and fabric to truly make something unique. Here are her answers to our questions.

Tell us a bit about you and your creations:

Coming from a family of keen seamstresses, when it came to creating a dream wardrobe or the perfect halloween outfit we spent quite a bit of time producing clothing for our own use or for local theatre companies.

I’ve always enjoyed making my own wardrobe and customising my clothes, wearing something unique to you is a lovely feeling, I even worked with my mum to make my own dream prom dress…it was huge…and bright pink.

A few years ago I got confident enough to start making things for friends, hearing someone’s excitement when they put on something that is totally made just for them is a really nice feeling and something I try to create in my Etsy shop. From this the business grew from people asking ‘do you think you could make me one of these?’ or ‘can I have something like that but in this fabric’ and that’s exactly what jasmine + hobbes is all about.


How long have you been selling on Etsy and have you found it beneficial to your brand?
I’m relatively new to the Etsy scene, although I’ve been making clothes for many years, I’ve only been selling since June 2014 on Etsy. I started selling on Etsy after a few people who I’d made clothing items for had suggested it was a good way to progress with jasmine + hobbes. I remember the first day after launch I was really nervous about what people would think about what I was making, it was so thrilling when I got my first listing favourite from someone I didn’t know and even more exciting when my first orders pinged through on my phone.

I think one of the most nerve-wracking points was going from just someone who will make clothing for friends and their families to actually having a brand and a shop of my products, but it has been such a easy transition with tools and support that Etsy provides. It’s also great to have the chance on Etsy to experiment with ideas, I use the statistics to see what keywords people are searching for and what they’re looking at in my shop to help me come up with new ideas and ranges.


What is your best seller?
As many of my orders are custom orders submitted by customers it really varies, I get an exciting range of suggestions and ideas come to me through the custom order button. Just recently cushions have been very popular with everyone wanting to make their home all cosy for the winter months, quite often people tell me what sort of colour and print fabric they’re looking for and I go back to them with a list of fabric options for them to pick from to suit their decor, then I make the cushions, tablecloths and placemats to match.

Will you be selling some special festive creations in the pop up shop?
Oh yes! Not only will you be seeing some classic festive bunting for the home and mantlepiece from jasmine + hobbes, but also I have put together some items perfect for stocking fillers for your loved ones, including a selection of unique tie designs and some awesome wash bags.


What are you plans and ambitions for the future (if you have not already achieved them!)?
I’ve really enjoyed the growth of jasmine + hobbes over the past 6 months and I’m really thrilled to be part of the pop-up shop and Christmas market, and where these opportunities might take us over the coming months.


In October I successfully ran a kickstarter crowd funding project to raise the funding needed to get the equipment and set up not only to do the pop-up shop, but also to be part of a couple of projects with Make a Wish foundation in the new year, making superhero outfits based on children’s drawings for one of their wish granting films. Thanks to the amazing backers the kickstarter funding was successful so I will be starting work on the costumes as soon as the pop-up shop is up and running, then I’ll just see where we go from there.

Thanks so much Tori, we look forward to seeing what you bring to the pop up shop and if anyone wants to look at her shop it’s here..


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