Sellers Spotlight: Dig for Victory

Next spotlight is On Dig For Victory, we asked our questions to founder Eleanor. Her shop sells beautiful limited edition dresses made of vintage fabrics. Here is what she had to say

We started using Etsy in December 2009.

Dig For Victory begun when designer Eleanor Callaghan began making dresses for herself to wear while performing in twee-pop band The Bobby McGee’s alongside partner Jimmy. Selling the clothes through friends and a few local shops, the feedback and demand from customers grew in popularity with customers such as MIA and Bat For Lashes, she then went on to convince boyfriend Jimmy to help sew the dresses and sell them online.


Seven years on and the online sales have expanded the brand from a personal labour of love to a thriving independent business, with dresses being custom made in Brighton and shipped all over the world through the handmade global marketplace website “”.

Through our online sales using Etsy and our own website we were then able to open our very own little shop in Brighton in October 2012!

Our best sellers are the emerald green taffeta prom dress- fantastic for proms, wedding outfits, swishing around the dancefloor at Christmas parties! Made from a gorgeous two-tone emerald green taffeta with a fitted bodice and full pleated skirt it’s great for any event that requires a little something special!

emerald prom white 1

Another favourite is our flattering black linen tiffany prom dress- with a sophisticated boat neckline and cinched in waistband it’s a versatile addition to any wardrobe- perfect for wearing at the office or glamming up with your favourite sparkly jewellery and a killer pair heels.

Since our dresses can be custom made to order using our extensive collection of vintage and reclaimed fabrics this means we love to go over-the-top at Christmas! Spending most of the Spring/Summer/Autumn months saving up festive silk sari’s, embellished crepe de chines and elaborately decorative thick fabrics means that we offer a beautiful range of special one-of-a-kind bespoke Christmas dresses!

black grosgrain tiffany prom 1-1

Our main aim this year was to create a range of high quality, flattering coats with customisable options. We’re excited to announce that we have just released this range and the customer can choose from various options to create a one-off garment- picking their favourite colour for the lining, deciding on a suitable width of the flared skirt, achieving the best sleeve length for them, and a choice of beautiful high quality thick fabrics for the detailling (collar and cuffs) and the coat itself.

Thanks so much Eleanor we look forward to trying on some dresses and if you ant a look at her dresses before you come and try them on in the pop up shop you can fined her etsy shop here….


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