Pinterest- Your Dream Customer

So I think we all know that Pinterest can be HUGELY inspiring and amusing (my own feed is full of design, art, fashion and animals wearing ridiculous outfits..) and if you’re very new to Pinterest you will find out all of this very quickly and lose many hours of scrolling and pinning! During this Etsy Pinterest School we’re going to be learning how to make Pinterest work for our shops and blogs but I thought I’d give you a little insight in to the other ways I personally use it.

Ever since I was a kid I’ve always made scrap books, cutting out pictures from magazines or using designs from greetings cards that I liked and arranging them to make inspirational books and mood boards. Pinterest is like a much easier way of doing this but you can also share your likes and tastes with everyone else. I used Pinterest as my main go to when I was planning décor and DIYs for our wedding and it gave me absolutely loads of ideas.

Apart from just pinning your own work (directly from your Etsy shop so that anyone who finds it on Pinterest can land straight in your listing) I think it’s also a great idea to pin other things that excite you and that way you’ll attract likeminded followers who may also like your work. For example, I have a Design & Illustration board full of other people’s work that I love and also boards for interiors, typography, packaging, fashion etc.

I also have a private board (you can chose to make each of your boards visible to the public or not) which is entitled Dream Customer and I think this is a really good board for all Etsy sellers to have a go at, whatever stage they are at with their business. It doesn’t necessarily have to be completely true to life but it’s a good exercise to try to picture who your ideal customer is, what sort of home they’d have, what they like, what they wear, what age they might be, what colours they like… It could give you new marketing ideas to try to appeal more directly to that type of person or it may give you new photoshoot inspiration or ideas for props.

Here’s a little insight in to the dream hello DODO customer…


I hope you find this idea helpful! Happy pinning!

Ali from hello DODO X


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