Pinterest Etsy School

For many of us Pinterest is just a really good way too get inspiration and lose a few hours, but it is actually a really good marketing tool as well. Pinterest has millions of daily users and stats show the users are also buying, so it’s a tool your shop should be making the most of!

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For those the have not come across it before there is a good introduction in the Etsy School workbook but I would say think of the site as your scrap book of images from the internet, you can collate different themed boards so one might be for colour inspiration and another for winter fashions.

The school is split into 4 weeks starting with and introduction and then digging deeper as the weeks go on. Even though the month has started you can still sign up here and get the workbook.


Here is the timeline:

Week 1 Basics and getting set up

Week 2 Pinterest and your Etsy shop

Week 3 Pinterest for your blog

Week 4 Pinterest for your team

If you haven’t got an account the first week will have you set up experimenting with boards and pins, when you start out it can feel a bit overwhelming but my advice to a new pinner trying to use Pinterest for a small business would be to think about your ideal customer, what are there likes, hobbies, passions? Use these things to create boards, so if your ideal customer is a female fashionable knitter in her 20’s then boards about knitwear seen in high fashion, yarn colours and knitting patterns would be ideal. People also love to see what is inspiring you, and topical boards are always big, I get lost in DIY gift ideas for Christmas.

We will be active on the Brighton Seller’s Team forum to help out with questions and we have some FAQ here.

Once we get into the later weeks we will go through some more strategies as it’s easy to lose hours down the pretty images rabbit hole. but the end of the day Pinterest is a really fun social media platform. It is really suited to us ‘visual types’ so look at your brand, and your customer, and pin to help and interest them as well as yourself.

Thanks to team leader Ellen of BMillinery for writing this post!


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