BtnEtsy Talk – Tactile Craft in a Digital World – Tues 9th Sept

So turn the clock back to 2008, I was just setting up Rock Cakes, I had simple dreams of designing and making jewellery and selling it at prestigious craft fairs, in pretty jewellery stores and perhaps having my own shop one day. My very techy husband, who at the time lived and breathed Flickr, suggested that i get involved with this Etsy thing, set up a shop and sell my work online. I don’t think I spoke to him for three days after that, had he no idea what my work was about? I make precious jewellery, people need to pick it up, try it on, touch it and feel it and only then they will part with their hard earned money. I registered an account anyway, just so he couldn’t give me “that look” but it took me two years to get any products in my “Etsy shop”. And then one day in 2010 I checked my email and there it was, my first order. I was instantly hooked and have spent many an hour since making my products look as visually delicious as possible…

What I’m trying to say is there’s a point where craft and technology collide and on paper it doesn’t really work. Craft to me is the opposite of sitting in front of a computer, it’s about using hands on skills, often very old traditional skills to make something real, tactile, beautiful and unique, something that you can hold or touch or or stare at. So what makes people buy craft online? I often buy things on Etsy and I have a preconception of what these items will feel like when I open up that package and hold them for the first time. If you can understand this then you are likely to be able to produce amazing listings for your beautiful products as that is the essence of selling you work on Etsy.

The talk this month is super special, September sees the Brighton Digital festival and The Old Market asked if we could link our talk to the festival, hence the title. We have Sarah and Susannah coming down from the London Etsy office and three members of the BtnEtsy team will be sharing details about their Etsy shops and how they convey their products to potential customers.

The talk is free, as ever! and open to anybody that wants to come along. The talks are always very friendly and afterwards you can stick around and chat to fellow makers, some people call it networking but really it’s chatting.

The talk is on Tuesday September 9th, doors open at 7pm and the talk will begin at about 7:30.

Please share the fab hellododo poster on social media to help spread the word.

Hope to see you there…



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