BtnEtsy Talk – Sarah Corbett Discusses Craftivism

The August BtnEtsy talk sees Sarah Corbett coming to Brighton especially to talk to us about Craftivism.

Sarah grew up in Liverpool under the Thatcher government, she was born into an activist family so from a very early age campaigning for rights was part of the norm. She campaigned through her school years on issues to make school life better, continued to learn about activism methods at university and has worked in the charity sector as a professional campaigner for 6 years most recently at Oxfam.

Eventually the constant battle for the issues that Sarah was passionate about caught up with her and she became burnt out, doubting even that activism was for her. It was at this time that Sarah began cross stitching, a relaxing therapy in comparison to her work. Always wanting to have a positive purpose to all that she does, Sarah looked into the connection between craft and activism and discovered the term Craftivism, a name given by Betsy Greer in 2003. 

Sarah contacted Betsy to see if there were any projects or groups that she could get involved with but there were not and so Sarah began projects of her own with Betsy happy for her to use the Craftivism term, it was in 2009 that Sarah founded the Craftivist Collective.


Craftivism is a much more approachable form of activism, it hold power in it’s intrigue, if you see people shouting in the street about what they believe in many put their heads down and walk on by, cross the road even, it can be an aggressive and intimidating way to communicate beliefs. Craftivism on the other hand is peaceful, public protests resemble tea parties, drawing members of the public in thus giving the stitching activists a chance to actually talk about their issues and plant memorable seeds in the heads of onlookers.


Sarah is an extremely bright and passionate lady who uses craft as a powerful happy medium to highlight major issues and help to change the world for the better. Sarah is the craft worlds answer to Banksy!

At the talk Sarah will be selling and signing her “Little Book of Craftivism” as well as other products from her Etsy shop, there will also be cake available from the bar so do come and support.


You can find out lots more on and check to the flickr images here

The talk is on Tuesday August 5th at The Old Market, doors open at 7pm, talk starts at 7:30.

The beautiful, lovely, amazing duo that is helloDODO have made us a poster to help with the promotion for the event, please do share it across your social media, don’t forget to use #BtnEtsy in your twitterings…

Yours, RockCakes 🙂



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