BtnEtsy Talk – Focus on Product Photography with Lyndsey James of Photocraft®

We are beyond excited to introduce the next BtnEtsy talk, it is totally relevant and will offer advice on an essential aspect of selling craft online, the topic is product photography.

July is the month that Etsy school focuses on photography and so it is that the July BtnEtsy talk is going to be given by Lyndsey James of Photocraft®.

Lyndsey not only runs an amazing company where she teaches online photography courses to designers and makers but she was also the photography expert who helped with the seller guide for the Etsy School photography module. We are super lucky that she will be traveling down to Brighton to enlighten us for free. Karli (the BtnEtsy team captain) and I were at the Etsy Captains summit earlier this year where Lyndsey gave a talk, she offers clear and professional photography advice which is tailored to crafters, it ended with everybody feeling super inspired and eager to put their new knowledge into action.

The talk will be in the regular venue, The Old Market in Hove on July 3rd, doors open at 7pm, it’s time to get those notebooks out again.

There will be a poster coming soon that we can all share online, just as soon as hellododo finish #dodomooning !

In the meantime check out for more details on what Lyndsey offers and get the date, July 3rd at 7pm, in your diary.



Tutor Lyndsey James



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