Capture the Moment with Big Booth Boutique!

As you heard yesterday the theme for this year’s Etsy Craft Party is Recapture – bringing new meaning to old photographs. As well as recapturing old memories we also want to make sure we create and capture some new ones at the Craft Party on 6th June!

Screen shot 2014-05-29 at 19.35.31

Big Booth Boutique, a local photo booth company, will be joining us on the evening which we are super excited about! You’ll all be able to capture the moment in style, with all your craft-y pals too. Big Booth Boutique comes complete with fun props and magnetic message boards too! Everyone will get a free print out of their photo, and we encourage shares of them all on social media too!

A bit about Big Booth Boutique:

Big Booth Boutique started as an idea to help celebrate a friend’s wedding and has since grown into an engaging must-have for any celebration.

The couple had asked Fash to help make their wedding day as individual and colourful as them. They wanted all their guests to mix well and so Fash used her skills and imagination to come up with a new take on the Guestbook. She wanted to do something completely different, fun and original not only for the couple but all their guests too. As a longstanding fan of fridge magnetic letters she had the idea of guests using these to create messages of love and celebration and then posing for her camera. Everyone loved it and so BigBoothBoutique was born!

Screen shot 2014-05-29 at 19.35.14

With a huge range of backdrops to choose from and Fash always on the look-out for more, the booth can be transformed for every celebration.

Offering a personal service with Fash herself as photographer BigBoothBoutique is a studio photobooth capturing quality portraits.This is a bespoke service that will wow and entertain all who enter.

Screen shot 2014-05-29 at 19.35.51

Caption The Moment with BigBoothBoutique and Brighton Etsy.  Haven’t got your tickets yet? Gather your friends and get them now!


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