Craft Party: Recapture

The theme for this year’s Etsy Craft Party is Recapture – bringing new meaning to old photographs. This is an excellent theme as it has inspired lots of crafts, games and activities for the party!


It’s so nice looking at old photographs; they can stir so many different emotions as you remember past times. Even vintage photographs which you may not have any personal connection to can open up your imagination as you gaze into the past.

In the modern digital age it is so nice to be able to hold a physical photograph in your hand, and they lend themselves perfectly for incorporating into craft projects. At the Brighton party we will have an array of materials available to transform the images in any medium you like.


We will also have a big group activity making flags for bunting; everyone will receive a felt triangle to decorate in any way they like incorporating photographs, these will then all be joined together as bunting to be used to decorate the party and future Brighton etsy team events!

You can stitch, embroider, glue, paint, cut and stick, bring along an old photograph to use (we’ll also have some to use on the night) and let your crafty side out!


If you haven’t yet got your tickets for the party they can be purchased online HERE for £5 (plus booking fee)


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