Etsy would like your feedback!

Etsy want to hear from you- good or bad, its your chance to make your views heard! Didn’t get the email? All details are here:

“We believe that Etsy sellers represent a bright spot in today’s economy. You are creative and entrepreneurial, using new Internet tools to turn your passions into income.

To better understand how Etsy is changing the face of business, we’re conducting a confidential survey to learn about why you started on Etsy, what impact it has on your life, and how you interact with your buyers and other sellers.

We’ve partnered with the RSA, a research organisation with a rich heritage of supporting entrepreneurs, to conduct this survey. The results will help to inform a broader piece of research looking at the rise of micro-businesses in the UK. Learn more about that here. A summary of the results will be published later in the Spring.

Take the Survey
Clicking on the above link will take you a page that prompts you to provide a name and email address. We ask for this information as it allows us to undertake a more detailed analysis of the Etsy community.

Contact the RSA’s Benedict Dellot at if you have any questions regarding the survey.”


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