Etsy Photography Webinar

Today we have a guest post from Brighton Etsy Team member Victoria Sol Jewellery about the Etsy Photography Webinar, read on to find out more…
Last Saturday I took part in a webinar (which is a seminar on the web, clever, eh?) about setting up a scene for photography. It was hosted by the brilliant Lyndsey James of Photocraft, who provides courses on her website. I won’t reproduce any images here (because, y’know, bad form and copyright infringement), but I would urge you to have a look at her site. She’s very talented.
The webinar, called “How to create & style a scene for your products”, was set up as a free offer for Etsy sellers who were members of some of the European teams. It was an hour long and very educational!
My incredibly in-depth notes
My incredibly in-depth notes
Lyndsey started out by telling us the question to live by – What do I need to show to the customer, and how do I do that? This is the most important part of the whole thing, as without thinking through that question, you’re just taking pictures for no reason.
She went on to explain lighting, how to create good backdrops, composition (how to set up the product as well as props) and how to make the props work for you.
During the whole session she had panel members from other teams with her, who would bring up questions and helpful tips and tricks. This made for an excellent dynamic, as it became part lecture, part conversation.
Part of how to make pictures as sharp as possible is to keep the camera completely still. Lyndsey made a point of out how important it can be to use a tripod. That way you can see exactly how the scene looks and get the same angle every time. And the tripod is useful if you get twitches, like I do. 🙂
Not a big fan of lightboxes, as I understood it, our experienced teacher described other ways to get even lighting and interesting backgrounds. Her examples were beautiful and if I can get my own photographs to be half as good as what she creates, I’ll be more than happy.
My trusty lightbox
My trusty lightbox
At the end of the webinar, Lyndsey opened up the forum for questions, and was quite happy to answer them all. Some good information came out of this, and she also repeated some tricks from earlier to put things in context.
So on Saturday this week, I’ll be heading out to acquire important components for my photo scenes! I’m not telling you what I’m planning to do yet, I have to keep some professional secrets. 🙂 If you want to see the result, follow my blog or shop – the pictures are guaranteed to show up on both.
One of my current images - mediocre use of lightbox and prop
One of my current images – mediocre use of lightbox and prop

Thanks to Victoria for writing this guest post. Have an Etsy related guest post for us? Get in touch and let us know your ideas!



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