February Meet Up Minutes

If you came to the meetings this month, THANK YOU! It was great to see everybody and have a catch up. If you didn’t then you can catch up with the minutes below.

The most important thing you need to know is that March is “Craftivist Month” we will be holding an event, check the end of the minutes to find out more!

See you at the end of the month!

Karli and Leaders


Monday 24th February 2014 
Earth and Stars



*Karli – designosaurYEAH
*Sarah – Rockcakes
*Kirstin – KirstinStride
*Toby – ilikeCATSshop
Diane – Bella Does Brighton
Jay – KnitwitOrginals
Zoe – HeyBabyYeah
Julie – UndercoverZebra

Thursday 27th February 2014
Western Front


*Karli and Jacques – designosaurYEAH
*Jam – helloDODOshop
*Toby – ilikeCATSshop
*Claire – Catacakecreations
Angela – ByTheRealMcKay
Karen – KarenRao
Rebekah – BeksiesBoutique/ PlumQuake
Bryony – Sootmegs
Ana – Ana Von R
Amalia and Dela – Linescapes
Natalie – crownsfromashes
Claire – YellowBearWares
Sacha – SilverThursday
Lynn – PomeloCrafts
Jackie –  ForeverFoxed
Bridget – MannandMoon
Cheska – mooshpie

Others who didn’t write their details down 😦

  1. Etsy School
  •  How is Etsy School going?
  • Some people are doing Etsy School with other teams
  • The Shop Crique part of Etsy School has been the most useful part to most people.
  •  Positives and Negatives of the Program?
    • Difficulties paring up team members
    • Need longer to Plan the month
    • Need longer to implement everything from Etsy School – need more like 3 months!
    • Did turn into a Mentor month type program with some because of some Etsy Sellers being more experienced.
    • PDF wasn’t the easiest to work with as we couldn’t edit the document.

Action: Karli to feed back information to Etsy Admin.

  • Has your Etsy Shop improved?
  • YES!
  • Most said that it will once they implement everything they have been told.
  1. Shop Critque help
  • Did you do a critique in your pair, would you like any feedback now?
    • Two many team members at meeting/Not enough time to do this particularly. We did discuss individuals feedback from their partners shop critiques.

Action: Team Members to start threads on the forum to ask for feedback

  1. Team Plans:
  • “March: Craftivists – Use the power of craft for good! This project will lead you through an activity created by the Craftivists to help you create meaningful needlework messages for yourself or your community in a fun craft project.”
  • Etsy leaders working on a project idea, any ideas welcome.
  • We have kindly been offered Super+Super’s Window to create a display for March.
  • We will be doing an event in the window at Super+Super at the end of the month with a schedule of different crafters performing different crafts.
  • An “Artist in Residence” type idea on a much smaller scale.
  • We could raffle off the items created to a local Charity (Brighton Carousel mentioned)
  • We will be promoting this via Social Media, Press and Bloggers. One team member is involved with VisitBrighton.
  • Zoe (heybabyyeah) has offered to do the Big Brother voice over all day 😉

Action: Leaders to have a meeting on Friday 7th March to finalise details, and create a plan!

  1. Karli going to Berlin European’s Captains summit, any questions for her to ask?
  • What tags and titles will get you more worldwide views?
  • Will Etsy do more promotions with UK companies such as moo.com to create more awareness?
  • Team members do not like the new Shop Front changes, mainly the lack of banner and the inability to rearrange your shop.
  • Why are Etsy Sellers not told via their dashboard/Etsy Mail about the forthcoming changes?
  • What happens if you are a rejected seller due to your outside manufacturing techniques?
  • The way Manufacturers are listed on the About page makes them appear more important than the maker, why is this?

Action: Karli to talk to Etsy Admin and other Team Captains about the above questions.

Previous Business: 

  1. Don’t forget to follow us on twitter/Facebook/Pinterest and to use #btnetsy
    • Kirstin is adding people to the Pinterest, please Etsy message her with your email address to be added to the boards. Let her know if you have preferences to which boards you are added to.
    • Ali (helloDODO) retweets all tweets with #btnetsy but not necessarily immediately to create variety and an interesting feed on the @BrightonEtsy account.

Action: Kirstin to add new members to Pinterest boards at their request
Action: Leaders to check the hashtag across all social media platforms.

  1. Etsy Talks – Bets and Bobs, What you Sow.
  • All team members thought the talk was really interesting/ inspiring and lots of members have been working on their Press pages as well as contacting the media with Press releases.
  • Next talk date – 7th April 2014. LomoKev (Kevin Meredith) and Rockcakes (Sarah Meredith) will be talking about SEO in a similar style talk to Emma and Lynsey with Sarah relating the information to her Etsy shop. It will be FREE and held at The Old Market.

Action: Sarah, venue already booked. Talk to write.
Action: Jam and Ali to design new poster for talks
Action: All leaders to remind Jacques to go to the talk as I will be in Zambia!
Action: Toby to create event on Facebook.
Action: Claire and Sarah to write a blogpost about the talk.

  1. Any other business?
  • Etsy Meets end of March. Dates and venues tba.
    • No Meeting for March, just the craftivist event at Super+Super

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