Etsy School Week 4 – Promotion and Marketing!

The fourth and final Etsy School week is all about promoting and marketing your shop, and after our fantastic BtnEtsy talk earlier this month with Emma and Lindsey you probably already have lots of brilliant ideas of how you can do this.

In many ways building your brand is just as important as actually making your products when running a successful Etsy shop, and communicating this across a computer screen can be tricky at first. Start with what you know best – yourself!  Don’t be afraid to put your face behind your shop. Share your story – how did you begin making? What’s your inspiration? What makes you unique? Filling in your ‘About’ page on Etsy is a good first step – think of it as a mini press release. You can then use elements of this for all of your other social media and when introducing your shop to new followers.


So which social media is the best for promotion? Facebook? Twitter? A blog? Unfortunately there is no one answer to this question! All of them are invaluable for marketing your Etsy shop and reaching a wider audience, however it takes time to figure out which platforms work best for you. Try not to spread yourself too thinly; it’s better to have one or two that you can really focus your energy on. Sometimes having a blog or Facebook page that you don’t update is worse than not having one!

If you find social media too intimidating start within Etsy itself. Joining the Brighton Etsy team is a great first step for promotion, and there are many other teams available too. Participate in discussions, comment on the forum and blog, make treasury lists, follow other sellers and built networks.

If you’re feeling confident and think your products are up to scratch then it’s time to start looking for marketing outside of your own Social Medias. Write a press release – create a story around your brand or a chosen product, or even yourself – and think about sending it to bloggers and magazines. Include your best images or even send samples and see what press you can generate. Build contacts and create a buzz. Re-read our summary of the last BtnEtsy talk for more tips!

All of this can be hard work, but the rewards are worth it and soon you’ll find out what your strengths are and how to use them to your advantage. Use all of the tools etsy provides including the weekly exercise work sheets from the Etsy School Partner Guide.



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  1. Fantastic advice Toby. I’m a newbie to Etsy so this is really useful! Georgie x

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