Getting found – The Power of SEO

You’ve made a beautiful product, taken five gorgeous photographs of it and uploaded them to your Etsy shop, now all you need to do is get folks finding and looking at it.

You need to get all of the right information on the listing so that it reads beautifully, not only by the shopper but by the search engines that every internet shopper uses, this is called search engine optimisation or SEO for short. These search engines include Etsy search, Google, Yahoo, Bing etc…

Keywords are the essential way to get people finding your products, these are the main words that describe your item and the words that shoppers would use to look for an item. This is a good point to brainstorm keywords for your product so that you can use them on the information on the listing, it’s an idea to ask a friend what they would type if trying to find your product. If you sell lots of similar products try to make each listing a little different, focus on different keywords for each product that you offer, this intern gives more shoppers the chance to hit on words that will lead them to your shop…

So now you can begin adding the information to your listing beginning with the title:

Your TITLE should describe your product in a simple descriptive way ie: Yellow Beach Bag With Triangle Print. Organic Cotton. Handmade in Brighton. The first 80 characters carry the most weight in a search and the first 66 characters are generally what can be seen in the thumbnail before a customer clicks through.

Your TAGS again should include the keywords for your product, they should echo your title and description and there are 13 of them to use, use the all! you can use up to 20 characters for each one, so linking words together and using phrases really helps. ie: yellow, bag, yellow bag, cotton, cotton bag, handmade, handmade bag, and so on… Check your spellings too!

Write a good DESCRIPTION, getting this right can be tricky, personally if a description is too short I feel that there is no love behind the product, I like to read a glimmer of a story but I haven’t got all day so not making the description too long is also important. Its the first 160 characters that holds the SEO weight so it’s best to begin with a descriptive sentence almost summing up the product ie: “This Yellow bag has been lovingly handmade from Organic cotton and printed with my triangle design in my studio in Brighton, England. It’s the perfect bag for a day at the beach”.
I’d then go on to add sizing, material information, production time etc…

Use your ABOUT page to reinforce the keywords of your shop by having a relevant information, introduction and synopsis of what you do.

FRESHNESS also plays a part in keeping traffic coming to your shop, try to be active daily or every other day if you can, add new products as frequently as you can and in drips rather than in one big lump of new products, it will keep returning shoppers interested and your shop more relevant in SEO terms.

Use SOCIAL MEDIA to strengthen your products and shop as a whole. By linking from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest etc… search engines see that people are interested in your listings and therefor give them more weight in searches. This also helps to spread the word about what you do and people outside Etsy can find you this way and intern blog about you or link to your shop.

It may seem daunting but taking it listing by listing, baby steps can soon bring about more traffic and sales, keep an eye on your stats to see changes come about, then you’ll be SEO-ing to your hearts content.


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