Introducing Etsy School! Week 1!

As lots of you are hopefully aware Etsy School has now begun! We’ve had a huge amount of you interested in the school which is great!

All of you who signed up for the school via the Brighton Etsy team forum have been paired up by Team Captain Karli & have been Etsy messaged by Karli or our team leaders. Please note pairings are no longer being accepted, however you can still take part in the school by following the PDF and forum.

Week 1 focuses on critiquing each others shop and setting goals. 

It’s best to set goals at the beginning of the month to give yourself a clear path to follow. Defining goals is much easier after you have defined your shops strengths and weaknesses. A shop critique is a great way to do this. To help Etsy have created a shop critique worksheet- found in the etsy school PDF you downloaded when you signed up (click here to download it again, if you need).

The worksheet is made up of five key areas: photography, getting found in search, cohesive, branding, shipping, and pricing items.

See your Etsy School PDF for full details.

Picture 52

Each pair can arrange to meet, or communicate online. Comments, critiques and questions are welcome on the thread in the forum too, and the team leaders and other members can all help where needed.

Good luck and happy goal setting!


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