First BtnEtsy Talk Review

The first of the BtnEtsy Talks took place last night at The Old Market bar in Hove. Emma of Bets & Bobs and Lyndsey of What You Sow took centre stage to share their PR knowledge, experience and outcome of applying this knowledge.

It was one wet and windy night so it was great to see the venue packed with folks ready to soak up some useful tips to be applied to their work and small businesses.

Emma opened the talk by giving us the basics of PR, answering questions such as what is PR, why is it important, the importance of having a story, pre planning, applying social media. Thus giving a basic understanding of why PR is and why we need to develop it in order for small businesses to grow. You can view the full slide show below:

Lindsay then took us through the journey of her young business and how in just a year and a half she has built up a clear concise, simple and strong brand. She shared first hand experiences of dealing with press, stock handling, importance of product images, using social media and how politeness and efficiency can go a long way.

The slides from the evening can be accessed in full here as a downloadable PDF, giving you a complete round up of the evening and the information that was shared.

The evening was a fab success and it was lovely to catch up with peers once the talks had finished. We are currently working on the next talk so watch this space and check the twitter feed for more information…

Thank you TOM for letting us use your space. Thanks also to all the team leaders for organising the event.

Remember to share this post, and take a browse of Bets & Bobs and What You Sow lovely sites!


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