Minutes from the January meet ups…

Thank you to all of you who came along to the January meet ups, there were certainly lots of you! We hope you can all make it in February too!

In case you missed it here are the minutes from the meeting so you can catch up on all the discussions and plans for the future of the team:

14th/ 15th January 2014

*Team Leader

11am Café Coho

*Karli– designosaurYEAH
*Kirstin – KirstinStride
*Sarah – Rockcakes
Victoria – VictoriaxSol
Karen – KarenRao
Vicky – LIKKS
Angela – ByTheRealMcKay
Anna – AnnasDrawingRoom
Zoe – (no shop yet)
Natalie – crownsfromashes
Rachel – TheDorothyDays
Caroline – (no shop yet)
Yvette – LittlePapa
Jude – JessieJumbles

7pm The Globe

*Karli & Jaq – designosaurYEAH
*Ali – helloDODOshop
*Toby – ilikeCATSshop
Cheska – Mooshpie
Laura – lauradumbrell
Kerrie – CharmAndLaundry
Louisa – HeyKitschKitty
Alice – CuriousAliceDesign
Charlotte – blufruit
Victoria – VictoriaxSol
Nadia & Clarissa – sorainbow
Louise – WhiteMothEmporium
Bridget – MannAndMoon
Jackie – ForeverFoxed
Ellie – eanjewellery
Judith – jureambox
Sarah – SarahEdmondsMarket
Ellen – Bmillinery
Emma – BetsandBobs
Sophie – Misstrocks
Lou – BELLJewellery
Rebecca – TheSilverHide
Karen and Megan – VagabondCouture
Jordana – fancierfeather
Lou – Louminessence
Bernard – StartCastSculpture
Sadie – TheVanityCase
Lucia – luciababjakova
Liw – LiwBanks
Scott – ScottNellisIllustration
Vicky – WoahTherePickle

Action: Karli – All new members to be added to the mailing list, followed on Twitter, added to Twitter list and liked on Facebook.

New Year Planning – Susannah’s Email etc

During 2014 we will be taking part in the following activities/ projects. More details to come throughout the year.

Action: Karli to email list of Etsy Shop members that would like to be updated with news about upcoming events.


February: Total Shop Review – Work with a
partner in your Team during the month of
February on three topics to give your shop a
full review. A great month to set up a new shop
or give your existing shop a make-over. Topics
include photography, SEO and marketing.

April: SEO – Work through activities and lessons
with a partner in your Team to help target weak
titles and tags and replace them with keywords
that will help your items get found.

June: Photography – Review your images with a
partner and discover how to improve your item
photography with our quiz

September: Social Media – Learn how to use
social media to really boost your shop alongside
a partner with whom you can cross promote all
your hard work!


March: Craftivists – Use the power of craft
for good! This project will lead you through
an activity created by the Craftivists to help
you create meaningful needlework messages
for yourself or your community in a fun craft

May: Marketing Team Project – Work together as
a Team to learn new ways to promote your own
shop and your Team.

July: Photo shoot – Take what you learned in the
June educational module and apply it by setting
up a photo shoot for the whole Team. Work
together to model for one another, find and
share props, and even hire a photographer.

November: Pop-Up Market – A physical store is a
lot of work, but much easier when you have your
Teammates to help you! Use this Team Project to
help you organise and host your very own pop up
for the holidays.

Sarah to talk to people at the council
Leaders to create proposal for We Are Pop Up
Kirstin to start Forum thread to encourage team participation


6 month and 12 month goals written on the back of our leaves and shared with the group.
Leaf had a code for 20 FREE LISTINGS!

Previous Business:
Adam stepping down
Kirstin to take over Pinterest

Christmas Party and Raffle

Christmas Etsy Sales

Don’t forget to follow us on twitter/Facebook/Pinterest and to use #btnetsy

Any other business?

Locations for upcoming meetings suggested:
Dukes at Komedia Bar
Above Audio
Western Front
Kirstin to research new venues and book morning and evening meet for February once date is confirmed.
Ali to speak to Manager at Komedia about using the venue
Forum Threads to be started
Leaders to start a new thread based on the meeting and 2014’s plans.
Next Meet Up
4th February – Etsy Talks (Bimonthly) https://www.facebook.com/events/589433917790219/

All leaders to continue to promote

Etsy Meets end of Feb. Date tba.
Please remember that at the Day meet children are more than welcome 🙂


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