Introducing BTN Etsy Talks

February 2014 will see us kick off our brand new programme of BtnEtsy Talks!
These events will be taking place regularly throughout the year at The Old Market in Hove, and will feature a special guest speaker who will be offering helpful tips and advice for the Brighton Etsy Team and any other local Creatives who would like to come along. They also offer a chance to network and catch up with fellow team members in a friendly, social situation.
For the first event the guest speakers will be team members Emma Lewis-Griffiths (Bets and Bobs) and Lindsey Haskell (What You Sow), who will be talking about PR and Marketing.
Emma gives us a preview of what she will be talking about:

“You’ve used blood, sweat and tears to develop a product or service that you’re passionate about, but what makes you special? Emma (Bets & Bobs) will give you an introduction to the basics of PR, from creating a ‘brand’ and reputation that fits your product or service, to tips on approaching journalists so you can start to see your name in print. If you’re a PR or social media novice, this talk will go back to basics, giving you the confidence to shout about what you love, to the people that will love it.

Lyndsey launched her online business What You Sow just over a year ago. From novice to national newspaper features, Lyndsey will be sharing her first hand experience of learning the meaning of PR, from talking to journalists to insightful key learnings, along with the all important ‘what not to dos’.”

Hope to see lots of you on the 4th February!


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