Holiday Boot Camp Lesson 8 – Customer Service

So this is the last, final, end, of the holiday boot camp for 2013. It’s time to sit back and hear the Kaa-Ching’s come rolling in (those that use the Etsy app ‘ll know what i’m talking about). Ok so not quite sitting back, I guess this is where the hard work begins!…

Customer service is the final lesson and it is the way that you can turn your hard work in to lasting success, make your customers super happy and you might just hear from them again…

– Make sure that you have published your final posting dates, so as not to disappoint any potential customers.

– Add the shipping tracking number to your orders, customers like to track things and it will save you hunting through your massive pile of post office receipts when they start asking you where their things are.

– Have answers to frequently asked questions ready to copy and paste, this can save you lots of time and mean that you can respond to any enquiries quicker.

– Offer gift wrapping for free, you could add a few shots of your packaging on listings as examples of what they will get.

– You could add a shipping upgrade listing to your shop that will give priority shipping to customers that are in a hurry, they can simply add it to their order.

– Hold on to these new customers, in your note to buyer have a link to joining your mailing list or a “thank you” coupon code which you can set up under the coupon code heading.

– Don’t promise what you can’t deliver, be honest and realistic with yourself, how much time will you actually have to wrap the orders, visit the post office, etc… Make sure that what you offer is not going to add stress to your work!

I hope that all of the lessons have been helpful, a few little changes to listings and a little bit of organisation can go a long way!…

Good Luck 🙂




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