Holiday Boot Camp Lesson 7: Shipping it out!

This post is essentially mundane and boring (yes those words mean the same thing) but it is really important that you are ready to ship out your beautifully hand crafted, or self sourced items. I’ve tried to make it a little more interesting by whacking in some pictures and mumbling about dinosaurs…

Review Your Shipping Rates

How are you shipping your items? I’m going to guess that 90% of you use Royal Mail, there are other options but from what I can tell unless you have regular orders they are more hassle and more money. Royal Mail have recently changed their size/price guide so make sure you are up to date, and you are offering shipping to all four corners of the universe.


Prepare for Productivity

You need to stock up on jiffy bags, envelopes, thank you notes, business cards, stickers, stamps (dinosaur ones obvs)

Things that we find useful to have in our “studio” 😉 are customs stickers, and Par Avion stickers, it saves time at the post office (saves them getting grumpy with you and the queue behind you sighing and tutting so much) and makes you look like a pro.

You can always go for the online postage option via Royal Mail, however it seems like a lot of hassle to me for the following reasons:

You have to post the items the following day, if you don’t do this you have to request a refund.

We all have those days where you mean to take something to the post office and just forget to pick it up on the way out or something comes up and you don’t make it, this seems like more hassle than it’s worth)

You still have to go to the Post Office! 

If your parcels won’t fit in the post box you still have to go to the post office any way!

You have to weigh your own items.

If you are extremely organised then this is definitely an option for you, if however you are slightly more “creative” in your organisation then maybe just make friends with the post office staff…. Another top tip is to sign into the free WiFi at the post office (Brighton WH Smith) and multitask, tweeting and emailing whilst in the queue!


Broadcast your shipping details

You need to do this in the ‘Polices‘ section of your Etsy Shop. With the Etsy redesign this information is very easy for the customer to access in each individual listing, so no need to add it to your listing description.

You can find the final posting dates here.

The final date for orders to the USA is Friday 13th, so I hope you guys aren’t superstitious.


Double check the notes to seller section

This is the section that can either make your day or make your heart  sink. Comments like “YAY! Can’t wait to receive this I know my sister will LOVE IT!” make you feel warm and fuzzy. However comments like “Please shorten chain and ship to alternative address ASAP” make you think ARGH! I’m going to do something wrong. However don’t panic, just make sure you don’t miss this section, it’s REALLY important and will stop you sending out incorrect parcels!


Make each package feel like a present

I LOVE wrapping. I love making tiny parcels of joy and the feeling that whoever is going to open this parcel might not want to because it just looks TOO GOOD! However, I am the first to admit when you have 10 orders a week, having to make custom orders, tweet, blog, facebook, pin, make stock for craft fairs and pack up wholesale orders and then go your day job, that you don’t have time. It’s terrible to say but I don’t have the time to make tiny individual packets of pure amazing-ness. We don’t however bung it in a jiffy bag and say what is done is done, we make it easier for ourselves. We have bespoke gift boxes with our logo printed on them, we include our unique designosaur stickers, a cute mini moo card and a printed note saying thank you which I hand sign. They were all designed and printed when things were less stressful and hopefully they still make our customers smile!


Still with me? Was that helpful? No? Ohhh errrr well this is awkward…


Karli Signature

PS all product packaging photos are from Brighton Etsy Sellers, what a wonderful bunch you are, click on the photo to get to their shops! 😀


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