Holiday Bootcamp Lesson 6- Marketing to bring on the Buyers

Today Claire of Cat-a-Cake Creations shares the latest Etsy holiday bootcamp with you, which is about the all important marketing of your products…

Like a hostess who wants a good turnout at her party, it’s up to you to get the word out about your items this holiday season. Help shoppers discover the amazing holiday potential of your items by putting your social-sharing savvy to work.

By using your favorite social sharing tools, you can tap into a whole new audience of seasonal shoppers. If you have time to devote to multiple channels like Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest, go for it. If not, focus on the one you enjoy using the most. For this lesson, we’ll focus on Facebook, since it’s an easy and fun way to spread the word about your shop. To start constructing your holiday marketing plan, follow these tips:

Stay in touch. Use Facebook as a way to stay connected with your buyers — consider offering a holiday discount for your Facebook fans.

Picture 502

Share the love. Promotion doesn’t have to be all about you. By creating holiday-themed Treasuries highlighting other Etsy artists and creating Pinterest boards that mix in other items with your own, you can develop a network of followers who may, in turn, promote your items. Brighton Etsy team is a great was of co-promoting your products- remember to tweet us using #btnetsy and pin your items to our pin board for extra promotion.

Picture 503

Be yourself. Remember what makes your Etsy shop unique: you. Incorporate elements of your personality, style, creative process and story into your promotion, and you’ll be on the right track to appeal to your ideal customers.

Picture 491

Think like a holiday shopper. Market your items based on what people are looking for. Generally speaking, shoppers are looking for gifts by type, price and recipient — or some combination of all three. Mention these selling points when Pinning, Tweeting or posting on Facebook about your items. Try posting a photo or two from your holiday photo shoot on your social media channels as well.

Next Steps:

1. Get connected. Once you have your Facebook Page set up, make sure you have connected it to your shop correctly by going to Your Shop > Settings, then selecting Connect with Facebook and following the prompts. The same applies for connecting your Etsy shop with Twitter.

2. Build your network. Invite friends and family to like your Twitter and Facebook Page. Expand your circle by following and interacting with other users. Think of it like making friends!

3. Get the Word Out. Include links to your Facebook page in your Etsy profile, your various correspondence with buyers and within your Shop Announcement.

We can’t wait for lots of you to share all your christmas creations with our Brighton Etsy team! Remember to tweet us, pin to our pinterest boards, send us facebook messages, and we are always open to suggestions for ideas of posts on this blog too!


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