Holiday Bootcamp Lesson 4: Refresh Your Brand

The 4th Etsy Holiday boot camp lesson focuses on refreshing your brand- and photography in particular.

Think about what holiday message do your product photos send? For your Etsy shop, holiday photography is your strongest tool to appeal to holiday shoppers. You can craft imagery to communicate at a glance what your shop has to offer in this season of gift-giving, decorating and entertaining. Great listing photos give your shop an edge for inclusion in press coverage and marketing opportunities.

Use strong photographs to help shoppers visually understand how your line of products fits into their gift list. Major christmas shopping categories typically fit into one of these categories: decor and entertaining, gadgets and games, useful and utilitarian, personalisation, keepsakes, novelty and stocking stuffers, favors and thank-you notes. As you stock your shop, consider how you can use photos to fit the types of categories shoppers are searching.

The examples below show some new winter themed photos from Cat-a-Cake Creations, on of the Brighton Etsy Team leaders. These type of photos can really help sell the festive items!



Help your products become wonderfully festive with these steps:

1. Styling:
Does your product make a great gift, decoration or Christmas party favor? Thoughtfully arrange your photos to create a mood and context that conveys this use and best qualities. The product should take center stage, while a subtle background, relevant props and a cohesive color palette set the stage. For example, if you’re selling gift tags, photograph them attached to a nicely wrapped gift box with holiday motifs. The image below shows an example of a festive listing from team leaders Hello DODO.

Picture 494

2. Packaging:
Tis the season for gift-ready purchases. For gift items, your packaging is part of the product and will help you stand out. Also, the option to buy gift wrap in your shop can make a gift buyer’s decision even easier. Include a winning photo of packaging or gift wrap in the item listing, and highlight this offering in the description.

Bird brooch by rockcakes
Bird brooch by rockcakes

3. Stocking:
Remember, the more items you have listed, the more chances shoppers have to find your shop. Wrap tips from Holiday Boot Camp into each listing to build a strong presence.

Etsy have provided this really helpful ‘Plan a Holiday Photoshoot’ downloadable PDF too, click here to view.


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