Spruce Up Your Shop- Holiday Bootcamp Lesson 3

Holiday Bootcamp lesson 3 is all about making your shop stand out and look festive over the Christmas period. It’s best to think of your Etsy shop like a real shop window on the high street- imagine its Selfridges or Harrods, or the bestest, most amazing shop you can think of- what would make you stop as you walked by, and more than that make you walk in and purchase?…

Make your shop eye catching, tell a story (a wonderful Christmas story!), and entice viewers in! Heres some points to help you do that…

1. Shop Announcement:

Update it with a festive design for the holiday period to include information about your shipping last dates, custom order information and any holiday promotions you are offering. Make your festive items stand out, and highlight any customisable gifts.

2. Banner and Avatar:

Update your shop’s header with for the festive season. Create Christmas designs, slogans or just update the colours. Brighton team leaders Hello DODO provide a good example of this, shown below.

Picture 491

3. Profile:

Make sure your location is accurate. This helps your shop and listings appear in local searches and can help you reach last-minute shoppers in your region. Go to Your Account > Profile. Begin typing your town or city name into the City field. Choose your location from the list of suggestions.

4. Shop Policies:

Now is a good time to check over your shop policies, and provide concise, fair descriptions of what buyers should expect when purchasing from your shop. You can edit your Shop Policies page by going to Your Shop > Info & Appearance > Policies. Make tweaks to your payment, shipping and refund information to be informative, positive and clear.

Picture 490

If you haven’t already, download the Holiday Planning Calendar and start filling it in with your personal deadlines to accomplish these tasks.

Watch the Etsy Merchandising Matters Video below too, its really helpful!
Picture 492

Watch live streaming video from etsy at livestream.com

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