Work Smarter not harder – Holiday Boot Camp Lesson 2

In the run up to Christmas Etsy shops can get really busy and a little pre planning can really help relieve the stress, making this busy time exciting and fun rather than overwhelming. It’s time to write a good, well thought out list, prioritise these things and get into action!…

As part of the Etsy holiday boot camp, lesson two is about working smarter rather than harder, the following tips can help to keep you calm and smiling… e_blog_04 – Look at what your best selling products are and begin to stock up, it can be hard to predict what is going to sell but your previous sales should give you a clue. Do you have a product that takes a little longer to make? my Rock Cakes medals would be the one that I might struggle with so i am going to get going on those now.

– Make a shipping plan, when will you be taking last orders? What are your last shipping dates globally and within the uk?… Once you have worked these date out publicise them as soon as possible. Your Etsy shop announcement is a good place to do this and you can adjust it by going to the “info and appearance section” under “your shop”.

– Stock up on your shipping supplies, jiffy bags, boxes, tissue paper, ribbon etc… You might want to offer seasonal packaging or gift wrapping for free to help boost sales. e_blog_12 – Launch a new product or product line, you might have something that is work in progress or a festive product that fits in with your store? Get going on these now and have them up as soon as possible. Some folks are already getting their christmas gifts!…

– Update your listings and tags, now is about the time that you want to check that all of your product are at the best that they can be, it is a good time to review titles and tags and maybe add a few festive tags that tie into christmas and gifting.

– Consider if you are going to offer a Black Friday or Cyber Monday promotion and plan for this. What kind of discount will you offer? A percentage, free shipping, free gift wrapping. Think about how else you might promote this, mail out to regular buyers, tweet about it, facebook it, make notes in your diary for what you want to say so that you are ready to go with it on the day.

– Contact any bloggers or magazines that could help to promote your shop in this run up to Christmas. – Want to do a Christmas craft Fair? They are booking up now and fast so now is the time to apply and work on promoting that you will be at these events, again facebook, twitter, mail out are good for this. e_blog_03 – Another important thing to do is to make sure that you take a break, plan a day off in your diary where you can catch your breath, a little walk on our beach can work wonders and you’ll come back at it with twice the energy!

A couple of my own personal tips is that I am making sure that i have the components for stock ready to go, even if i don’t actually make them up yet, ie i have birds cast and ready for bird king rings but i will make them up as they are ordered. Just little things that can remove any stress and speed up my processing time a little.

Also do I have enough glue, spare brooch backs and general supplies, I wont want to be slowed down waiting for these kind of things to arrive.

And finally, Business Cards, have you got enough to include in all of your orders and to hand out at craft fairs? these are essential for any follow up business and repeat custom. e_blog_14


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