Setting a Goal- Holiday Bootcamp Lesson 1

Holiday Boot Camp

Holiday Boot Camp has begun and we as the Brighton Sellers’ Team want to support and guide you through it!

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Setting a Goal

Whether you are a new Etsy Seller or an established one, there are ALWAYS improvements you can make to your shop. Deciding what these should be is slightly harder however.

Essentially you are looking to improve your views and favourites which should lead to more sales! Think about how to do this, is it improving your product photos, tidying up your tags and titles or making your descriptions more festive, that needs most attention?

At designosaur we are researching fairs and stockists to optimize our selling potential, fine tuning our SEO for ultimate relevancy and improving our packaging and postage so we look more awesome and it is more cost efficient.

Picture 462

Within these goals we then have lots of little goals, the list goes on and we will be kept busy right up until the last shipping dates!

However, try not to take on too much! Focus on small goals that you can achieve in the time period, it will keep you motivated.

Want to read the original lesson from Etsy? Check it out here.

This is the first in a series of blog posts we will be writing for Etsy Holiday Boot Camp. Let us know if you find them helpful!

So, tell us what are your goals for this Christmas season? Don’t forget to join in the discussions over on the forum.


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