Top Tips For Starting Out On Etsy

If you are new to Etsy and don’t really know where to begin we have put together this helpful post to guide you through our top tips.


With over 400 members the Brighton Etsy Sellers’ Team is a network of local designers and makers who create a huge range of unique items sold via As well as hosting online discussions about all things Etsy we hold monthly meet-ups in Brighton, with team captain Karli of shop designosaur leading discussions. We were recently recognised by Etsy as one of their most active teams, and were asked to trial the first ever Mentor Month for the site. This month we launched this brand new blog for everyone to follow the progress of the team, as well as gaining some useful hints and tips. Here, team leader Toby of shop I like CATS gives us his top 5 tips for anyone thinking of opening a new shop on Etsy.


Etsy is a huge online market place, constantly growing with literally millions of listings – make sure you’re creating unique, quality items that stand out. A good starting point is to have around 6-7 itesm; take time to develop your products to be as good as they can possibly be. It’s great if you can test the things you make with friends and family, but remember to make sure they’re giving you honest feedback! Choose realistic, honest prices for the things you make – don’t short sell yourself!


Create a brand around your products; choose a shop name that represents not just what you’re selling but who you are as a seller – you don’t have to be too literal, the most important thing is to choose something memorable. When creating a logo and shop banner it’s important that they complement the products in your shop. The Brighton Etsy Team logo (which was created by team leaders helloDODO) is a perfect example of what you should aim for; simple, bright and perfect for using for all aspects of Etsy. keep your products relative so that your shop makes sense and try to photograph them in the same way so that your shop is consistent.


Arguably the most important aspect of your shop is the product photography, and getting it right can take time but the end results are worth it. Good lighting is essential, natural light is best. Show all details of your products including close ups, and showing them in use can be great too. Choose props carefully; you want to emphasise your products without overshadowing them. Take time to browse existing products on Etsy for inspiration and to get a feel for what works best.


When selling online product descriptions are really important to get right as the customer isn’t able to physically see and hold your items. Things that may seem obvious may need more explanation; describe colours, size, weight, materials, textures, scents and any special skills used in the production of the item. Give scenarios of use; be playful and create a story around your products that will make people want to buy them! Use descriptive titles using key words people will search for, no one will buy your work if they can’t find it!


Finally be sure to make the most of selling online by connecting to social media. With so many different options from Twitter and Facebook to blogs, Pinterest and Instagram you’re sure to find the perfect platform to build an audience to promote your shop. It can take time to gain a following; but if you keep posts interesting and engaging you’ll soon see your numbers (and shop sales!) go up. Joining an Etsy team can be a great start, and the Brighton Seller’s Team is always looking to welcome new locally based members!



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